The Robertson/Bush twins

May 19, 2006 by susan

Some caffeinated yammering from Susan
Thanks to Barb for pointing out Rev. Pat Robertson's weather alert about the twin tsunamis divinely destined to hit the west coast this fall. Probably due to all those gays wanting to get married. Did you see that he's also issued a terror alert about Planned Parenthood trying to carry out a genocidal birth control campaign against the black community? (No word yet on Darfur.) And in case you thought the Commie threat was so, like, outr, he's also exposed the "Communist Internationale" and the American Civil Liberties Union's takeover of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. Maybe the NSA has been tapping his conversations with god, and that's where all our lousy "intelligence" is coming from. And all this time we thought it was Curveball.

Meanwhile, this morning I can't get the image of Pat Robertson and George Bush as the twin spawn of Chimp Girl and Alfred E. Newman out of my head. As so often seems to be the case, one twin got an overload of genes, in this case Robertson and the worry thing, and the other came up short. But it's rare when neither one gets an ounce of sense.

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