On the Other Hand . . .

May 24, 2006 by susan

by susan
I confess to being oddly neutral, or dispassionate when it comes to the Twins stadium. Neither side lobbied me hard enough to get me to care, tell the truth. I could see both sides I guess is more like it. And I also confess that I remember those thrilling years when the Twinkies were good and we went to the World Series. Literally went, as in, me and my family took in those heart-stopping, ear-splitting final games. In fact I was hired to help arrange a very primitive photo developing scheme for Sports Illustrated and the NYTimes that involved my son and his friends, some on the field, some in the exit ramps, some on bikes, carrying cannisters of film after every three innings down to the Pillsbury building where an old Black's Photo shop, pioneers in instant processing, stayed open late to develop the pics, and then the boys rode them back to the dome where the editors, housed in a trailer in the parking lot, could see what sorts of shots they were getting so they could plan the late night as well as the next day's edition. Though in the second series, I believe it was, they were experimenting with electronic transmitting of photos, a slow laborious deal which we all found miraculous. That was then.
But it was exciting and the whole town caught the fever and so I always have had a soft spot for what a good team in a beautiful stadium (or even an ugly one) can do. But so could good schools, libraries that stay open, research dollars for the U, more trees, etc. And yeah, I still don't get why private individuals get this sort of a public financing deal, especially when CEO's are making a g'zillion dollars more than ever before and the working stiff can no longer afford a ticket to a game. I do get why the library does, as well as the Walker, Guthrie et al, cause they're NON-profit, and in some cases even free to the public, whereas the filthy lucre the sports teams rake in . . . well, at that my romance for the deal kind of fizzles. And yet, when the new park opens am I going to want to check it out? You betcha. After all, I helped pay for it.

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