Dirty, depressing linen

June 24, 2006 by susan

Susan here, been out in Seattle with children and grandchildren, leaving the laundry to Ironwoman Barb. (Lynnell's off to Australia until August.)

Some people might wonder how Barb and Susan came to start a blog. Barb and Susan also wonder, but it had something to do with the way Barb so calmly expresses herself. (See below.) Though we had never met, I'd noticed her pithy letters to the editor and she had noticed the purple prose of my op-eds in the Star Tribune, so we connected in the sisterhood of BIR (Bush-induced Rage).

We're two formerly good-humored bawdy babes who tended to view the world with a mixture of delight and dismay, but an outlook generally tinged with hope.

All that changed when the Supremes handed the presidency to the smirking chimp from Midland in 2000. But we had no idea then how far into the cave of despair he would take us. So when Barb wrote to me today about some minor incident that had ticked her off, and launched into the following, it struck me as a pretty good snapshot of that cave.

"But I have to factor in that I am generally pissed with the whole world. Was thinking about that yesterday, how my angst about this freaking world in which we live seems to be coloring everything shades of black. But we are admonished not to be so angry. Not to take things personally. Well you know what? When my government spies on citizens, when other people's kids are being slaughtered in Iraq, when my country's out-of-control spending has put us in thrall to foreign nations, when the national debt has so many zeroes I can't say the number, when our president is a big fat joke (well, not fat'"he works out, you know), when the Republicans own the White House, Congress, the Supreme Court, business and the press and then whine because we rail against that lopsided arrangement, when I begin to see small hints of how aging women are shifted to the periphery of life, when we choose mediocre candidates for political office over and over again, when . . . oh, you get the idea."

You gotta admire Barb's restraint, or short attention span, for how much she left off that list. How about when the Republicans go out on a limb to pave the way for a permanent roll-back of the inheritance tax but refuse to budge on increasing the minimum wage, or when they boast of their lockstep support for this cancerous war and chide the Democrats for disagreeing on how to get us out, or when Dick Cheney, proud papa of lesbian Mary, comes to Minnesota to support the toxically homophobic Michelle Bachman's congressional race, or when a 90-year-old woman with an artificial hip gets repeatedly searched in airports while only 5% of container ships are searched in US seaports, or when the media-grabbing foiled terrorist attack on the Sears Tower (See, spying is good for you!) turned out to be more like a deranged game of urban paintball . . .

I suddenly share Barb's lack of enthusiasm for dragging this out. We're already depressed enough. And I'm starting to feel the rumble in the gut that tells me Karl Rove is back at work full time and that with his perverted genius at work, the Repubs are going to come through the 2006 elections relatively unscathed, and 2008 isn't looking much better.

Sisters and brothers in BIR, add to the laundry list if you like. But here's a bigger challenge. Start a new one to cheer us up. What on the horizon, political or otherwise, gives you hope?

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