Solstice eve

December 20, 2008 by barbara

barbara writes

Saturday afternoon. Big fluffy snow on top of fluffy snow from earlier in the week. My snowplowing guy just took his first pass at my driveway and the long, winding stairs up to the house. I blew him a kiss. I’m sure he was thrilled. He did smile.

The wind is up enough now that the birds have stopped the frenetic gorging that started early this morning. And though I can’t see them, I have little doubt the squirrels are lying in wait somewhere, plotting their next assault on the bird feeders. I just read somewhere about a guy who smears BenGay on his feeder poles. Apparently it’s a close to fool-proof deterrent. Too bad no one tried that on the desk chair in the Oval Office.

Thirty-one days. One month exactly until the door slams shut on you-know-who’s sorry butt as he swaggers and smirks his way back to Texas. He’d have to be completely stupid to think that anyone much will miss him. What’s that you say? Oh, well then, never mind.

Thirty-one days. One month exactly for Dubya and Darth to manipulate, intimidate and incinerate. There's more.

Let me ask you something. Does anyone out there believe that Dick and George will end their excellent adventure leaving a trail of documentation behind them? Me neither. And for whatever reason, Harry and Nancy seem content to watch it play out that way.

Now none of this is a major revelation, nor is it political analysis writ large. No. It’s just barbara, noodling randomly, as has become my way.

I’ve been thinking about how January 20 might unfold. Even as Obama takes the oath of office, a group of southern Lutheran agnostics will be performing an exorcism at the White House, preparing it for Barack and Michelle, Malia and Sasha. Merry Maids will butter the gun racks, replace the spur-shredded sheets and search for any vestiges of credibility.

Then, after the inauguration, Barack Obama mounts the Capitol stairs, sans suit coat. He will be carrying a bullhorn. Given his new penchant for weird inclusion, it’s possible Rudy Giuliani will be there with him. President Obama (I still like the sound of that, Rick Warren notwithstanding) will have a sorrowful look on his long, lean face. He will cry out in his best stentorian voice, “The fuck stops here!” He will enter the building. And in the center of both the House and Senate chambers, assisted by three others, he will plant the U.S. flag, claiming back the legislative branch for the United States of America.

It’s snowing harder now and on this penultimate shortest day, the light is fading fast. It’s time to turn on the lights, illuminating the shadowy corners.

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Anonymous (not verified) | December 22, 2008 - 12:15pm

Your right. It is Iwo Jima time in the USA. See? I got it. The blood suckers gotta go. Nancy and Harry included.