Post-election let down

November 18, 2008 by susan
Shadowy Ted Stevens

So personally, I'm in withdrawal. Thank god for Al Franken's recount and the Martin/Chambliss run-off in Georgia. As I write this, Mark Begich has just declared victory over convicted felon Ted Stevens, so that's 58 senate seats, two to go. Thank god we can draw this out. A bit more here.

Thinking it'd be cold turkey time about now, I booked a trip to NYC last week. Just got back last night. I had my iPhone in NY but not my lap top. The iPhone allows a poly-junky like me to go off tether the way a portable oxygen tank allows an emphysema sufferer to venture away from the big tank. It can get you through in short bursts, but don't count on it for the duration. So, short bursts it was, better than nothing.
Now I'm back on full volume but with nothing to say. Amazing.
Besides, I have to finish Fareed Zakaria's Post American World by tomorrow, so I'll leave it at that for tonight. Just wanted CLBers to know that we're not totally AWOL.
One observation.
New Yorkers seem to get along better than I recall. Is it the post-election elation? Every where I went, people seemed to be helping each other out.
Short the last quarter for the bus? "Here, I've got extra."
Stomp a foot on the subway? "Scuse me, sorry."
Forget an umbrella in the coffee shop? "Mam, this yours?"

I'm not talking about the upper East Side crowd, who look as pinched and fearful as ever, clutching their billowing furs tight against the wind.

But from the Upper West Side to Chelsea, New Yorkers had an unusual gentleness to them, the sort of polite patience and generosity that people exhibit after they've survived a disaster.
Our eight year national disaster is over, and for now, that's enough.

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barbara says (not verified) | November 19, 2008 - 10:03am

Whoa! You were gone! And now you're back. Good to have you on the olde sodde. NY and its denizens scare me. Druther deal with Minnesota Ambivalent with a side of lefse. Still battling brother Garry's medical demons. Not out of the woods yet. But for diversion, we have the Franken/Coleman recount starting today. One...two...three...four...


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