Coleman's lead over Franken drops to 230 votes!

November 07, 2008 by susan

And the recount hasn't even begun. Yes we can!

My friend Terry Gydesen is a photographer/filmmaker who once upon a time followed behind Paul and Sheila Wellstone, documenting Paul's improbable rise to the US senate. Many of the photos of Paul and Sheila that you've seen over the years are Terry's. The University of Minnesota Press published a book of her photos, Twelve Years and Thirteen Days: Remembering Paul and Sheila Wellstone.
Recently she's been following the Franken campaign. The photo above is one of hers, taken from her blog,
There are differences between the two men, but many similarities as well -- including a passion for fighting for the little guy (and gal) and a fierce love for their wives and children. Like Paul and Sheila, Al and Franni are rarely apart. Read more for the link to Terry's photo du jour.

Al helped Paul win elections, Paul adored him. One of Al's motivations for seeking this senate seat was to win it back for Paul. That can still happen.
Terry's photo today is a moving reminder of Paul and Sheila and their legacy. It's also a weeper.
While you're at it, scroll through her daily photos which chronicle election night, Al Franken's race, along with a few juicy photos of Norm and his supporters. Creeeepy.

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Poet (not verified) | November 7, 2008 - 8:25pm

I hope the recount gives it to Franken. If Minnesota and Alaska can go for the Dems, it just might inspire the turnout needed in GA for the run-off election to swing that state to a Democratic victory.

If all that happens, then there will be a 60 seat "fillibuster proof" majority in the Senate for the Democrats. Then two years from now the Dems will either have to have had to put up or shut up as far as the progressive vote is concerned.

Somebody needs to show Joe Lieberman the door--like Zello Miller, Benedict Arnold, Jefferson Davis, and Charles Lindberg, he is just another strong willed guy who was (is) on the wrong side of history.