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November 03, 2008 by barbara

barbara writes

Greetings from Never-Never-Land. ‘Tis a strange world, personally and nationally. It’s the place where the love of my life recently died and was memorialized. It is the place where, immediately following all of that, my lovely brother for whom I am guardian was admitted to the hospital with a serious illness. It’s the place where he remains hospitalized. It’s the place where barbara occasionally comes up for air. And each time she does, she discovers that even the air beyond NNLand has been fouled. Crikey!

It's been very strange to watch from the sidelines as this whole general election has unfolded. I’m usually more involved. But this year, all y’all have been the ones out there, writing profusely and profoundly, knocking on doors, making phone calls, beating the bushes (yes!!!) for voters and otherwise kicking butt. I can see that you’ve got Obama’s back and that has made a humongous impact on this surreal election cycle. (((applauds your efforts)))

What follows is my outsider's summary of how this whole election cycle has unfolded:

  • Hillary Clinton cedes the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama.
  • Obama chooses Joe Biden to be his running mate. (Joe Biden, the senior Senator with a boatload of national experience and chutzpah, a stellar reputation and a skill set that complements Obama’s. That Joe Biden.)
  • Obama draws an immense crowd when he accepts the nomination in Denver.
  • John McCain (former maverick, former POW, former straight-talker, former man of integrity) chooses Alaska’s Sarah Palin to be his running mate. (Sarah Palin, winky rookie, folksy, cute as a doggone button, deep as a thin-crust pizza. That Sarah Palin.)
  • America and the global community suck in collective breath and cry out, “WTF is McCain THINKING?”
  • Obama continues to draw immense crowds, every day, everywhere he goes.
  • Republicans call Obama a rock star. Turns out he’s actually a magnet for integrity-starved Americans.
  • Poo-flinging commences, trending mostly right to left.
  • Obama takes high ground, in spite of pleas from some of us to take to the trenches and smack down the gray bastard.
  • Americans awake each morning, wondering which newly-minted McCain will greet us.
  • Tina Fey for president in 2012!
  • Thrust and parry, bob and weave.
  • Republicans commence to eat their own.
  • Liberal media unveiled as myth. Who knew?
  • Republican endorsements of Obama accumulate like falling leaves.
  • Iffy polling suggests Obama pulling away.
  • Democrats experience PTSD from 2000 and 2004. Diebold Syndrome resurfaces.
  • Comedy of Ayers continues apace.
  • Obama accused of being an Arab, a radical Muslim, a calm and learned man.
  • It is revealed that Barack Obama is a black man.
  • Finally, finally, finally, it’s November 2008.
  • First and goal.
  • Americans go to polls to put all of us out of our campaigning misery.
  • Americans go to polls to elect Barack Obama president of the United States of America.

(Personal note: David and I voted absentee this year. He wanted his vote for Obama to count. It will.)

Hang in there until Wednesday, folks. We’re almost there.

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susan | November 4, 2008 - 1:28am

I'm sooo glad to have you back Barb! Missed you terribly.
I know you're still suffering, but it seems like your verve and wit are intact. And so happy to hear that David managed to vote. A big huzzah amidst your grief.
It is officially voting day in MN. Going to vote early tomorrow, then spend the day working out of Franken headquarters.
Decided not to do the "in person absentee" voting thing that's allowed here (meaning you go to the government center early and give a reason why you can't vote on election day --work, health, travel, election judge, campaign work, etc.) because I wanted to be among the neighbors with whom I've voted for the last 35 years, in good times and bad. And I really wanted a bigger occasion when I cast the most important, most historic, most moving, and most hard-fought vote of my lifetime. Sort of like having a big family wedding vs. going to the courthouse all alone. They both get the job done, but one's a lot more fun. (Usually.)
As I write this, Sarah Palin is saying disgusting things in Reno, and Obama has just won in Dixville Notch, NH, the first Dem to do so in 50 years. It's a sign.
Tomorrow at this time I hope we're all dancing on top of the world. Fingers crossed.


Anonymous (not verified) | November 4, 2008 - 6:25pm

I have been worrying (obsessing??) about what I would do if McCain wins. Move to Canada? I contacted an old high school friend who lives in Vancouver, but get real, how can I really move. Then it came to me in a flash. I am going to become a Republican! What you say?? Well, I have been usually a centrist versus an ultra left winger. So how about we moderate Democrats take the Republican Party back to where it was when like Arne Carlson was govenor? Take it back from the Fundamentalist/Neocon/Right Wing loonies. Our normal Republican neighbors would love for someone to help fight their battle. Back when the Republican Party stood for someone who stayed not only out of their business but also their bedroom. Hopefully this mental meanderings will not be necessary.