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November 02, 2008 by susan
suffragettes at White House, anti Palin sign

Gone Doorknockin' Back soon.

I know this photo's been going round the web, but it says what so many of us feel. The more I think about what an insult McCain's choice of Palin is to the women's movement, the more my blood burbles over.
The latest New Yorker (sorry, no time to add the link, but it has the four candidates fighting on the cover) has a short (for the New Yorker) story on how Sarah Palin came to be selected, and it's pretty telling. More.

She wasn't just found under the tundra, she'd been working for this for a year or two. And she was very savvy about courting conservative leaders like the gas bag Rush Limbaugh and Bill Kristol, who were on Alaskan cruises with like-minded folks-- those who read their mags, not unlike the cruises that the Nation and other lefties do -- when their cruise ships docked at Juneau. She invited them to dinner at the Gov's mansion, and they all fell for her big time and started promoting her. It's pretty funny to read their comments after meeting her. Not one doesn't mention that she's a good lookin' gal.
But reading it made me see how for all their caterwauling about Barack being a celebrity, unready to lead, they were spooked by it and went out to find their own celeb. Difference is, their celebrity, who may have an uncanny confidence and ease on stage, really isn't ready to lead anything more than a homecoming parade. If they wanted to trot her out for a big speech at their leaden convention, put her in the on-deck spot for 2012, as Dems did with Obama at the 2004 Dem Convention, fine. But they threw out all their own arguments against Obama, just to thrust this plastic anti-Hillary venom-spewing demagogue onto the world stage, making Americans once again look oh-so-silly and small. (And don't get me started on throwing Joe the non-plumber onto the stage. Oh, I did that already, sorry.
Well, it's door knock time, so no more from me. Get out there, rally the troops. This is it.

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DKNY (not verified) | November 2, 2008 - 3:02pm

And I see that Al Franken has pulled ahead, since you got home and fed em all the right food! Let's hope it holds.


susan | November 2, 2008 - 11:54pm

Lots of good people here are bringing incredible fresh food to headquarters for the Franken team. I just put out an email and people fill in the slots. Then I go over there and tidy up, put the morning's stale bagels into a bag and the yogurt away, all the sorts of things you see someone doing in a Hampton Inn breakfast bar, plug in a crock pot or two for the soup and chili, pray I don't blow a fuse that knocks out the phone bank on the other side of the partition, wave away the fruit flies, find a ladle for the soup, open paper napkins, scrub the crock pot when it's empty so it's ready for the next delivery, wave away the fruit flies . . . and a person can do this all day, it's oddly satisfying.
Door knocking is good too. Weather's great, and people are so high on Obama that they actually thank you for coming to their door. I've never been on any campaign like this.
And Al seems to be nudging ahead, but the dang third party candidate may be a spoiler once again. Norm Coleman claimed tonight he'll be bi-partisan, or even tri-partisan, by working with Lieberman, and Al said he'd be quadra-partisan by working with Bernie Sanders too! But seems to me that the guys who continually go out on the Independent ticket, are uni-partisan. Can't compromise with anyone.
Time for Instant Run-off Voting. More on that in a future post.