McCain chooses Joe the Plumber for Treasury Secretary

October 29, 2008 by susan
cartoon of John and joe in car

Okay, not. But with the increasingly nutso behavior of John McCain, anything could happen. And with the Repugs waging the dirtiest campaign in memory, it just might. Ohio makes me nervous. Florida makes me nervous. Anywhere there are concentrations of people of color makes me nervous, as they're likely to find their names purged from the voter registration rolls because they're suddenly declared felons. More.

That John the Senator has sunk so low as to be touting Joe the (wannabee) Plumber as his new tax code expert, makes me laugh -- and then makes me nervous. Joe reminds me of Jesse the Body Ventura, aka our former Governor, only less articulate and less informed, if that's possible.
And while I'm mentioning low, the Minnesota Repuplican Party has put out an anti-Obama piece that is so scurrilous that you'd expect it to be the handiwork of a rump group of skin-heads, not the party of Norm Coleman, or a party that expects to be taken seriously by anyone other than Michelle Bachmann.
It was either mailed to our house or delivered through the sewer. It's a large glossy broadside that folds into quarters. On the front, above the space where my name is printed, there's a head shot of Obama, looking over his shoulder in a shadowy and furtive way.

Next to that there's a quote from the New York Times, made to look like it's been freshly clipped and pasted onto the page.
With no attribution it reads, "I don't regret setting bombs. I feel we didn't do enough." And it adds the date, 9/11/01, implying that the quote is Obama's, and that he's referring to the bombings of 9/11.

Right below that quote, to the left of my name, is the now iconic mug shot of Bill Ayers. But no words.

Inside is more of the same, photos of protesters in the late Sixties, burning houses, and the headline "Obama has close ties to domestic terrorists." On the opposing page there are more sinister photos of Ayers and Obama, and the headline, "Terrorist. Radical. Friend of Obama.
Did I mention that the whole thing is done in tones of brown? (Except for the inexplicable photo of the modern-day Bill Ayers in a bright red Cubs shirt, looking about as threatening as a drivers' ed teacher.)
You get the picture. Did I mention I'm nervous?

That's it for today.
Back home in MN, so I'm running some food over to Franken headquarters to keep them going until Tuesday. And I'm missing those beautiful Seattle babies, and their brothers and their parents and their auntie, enormously.

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lilalia (not verified) | October 30, 2008 - 3:11am

It is not a proud moment in history, when a leading government party uses such shameful tactics. How righteous they must feel. How completely out of touch. That piece of dirt you received at your door says it all doesn't it? When will your politicians learn not to feed your fears, but nurture your minds and hearts?

What did you think of the 30 min. ad/film from Mr. Obama last night? Do you know if anyone was watching? Not much in the newspapers at the moment.