A wee Wellstone reminder

October 25, 2008 by susan
paul and Sheila Wellstone

It's still October 25 here in Seattle, and here in my heart. This is the 6th anniversary of the plane crash that killed Paul and Sheila Wellstone, their daughter Marcia, three of their staff members who were also close friends, along with the two pilots.
Six years, and once again we have the chance to reclaim his senate seat from the vile Norm Coleman, who, shortly after being sworn in, proclaimed himself a 99% improvement over Paul Wellstone. A wee bit more.

Norm has recently distanced himself from the toxic president whose fanny he smooched for virtually all of his term -- until he sniffed the political wind, or worse, given the location of his schnoz. But he gleefully ran with the jackals who tore our country to shreds for their own personal gain, and he doesn't deserve to sit in the seat once held by Paul Wellstone.

Al Franken hit a few bumps on his way to the Democratic endorsement, but he is now running a great campaign and has pulled slightly ahead of Coleman. His heart is pure Wellstone. He revered Paul, worked hard to help him raise money and win his first two senate races, and Paul considered him a good friend.

When Paul won his long-shot first race, he called his father and told him, "I'm a senator, Dad, and I'm gonna do good for the people of Minnesota."

Nothing makes me happier on this sad day than to picture Paul on November 5th, beaming down from some superior place after his old friend has wrassled his seat away from Norm Coleman. And to picture Al dialing him up on his mobile and saying, "I'm a senator now Paul, and I'm gonna do good for the people of Minnesota."
Bonus: Here's what I wrote about the anniversary a year ago, along with a reprint of an op-ed in the Strib on the first anniversary.

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