October 19, Colin Powell, and twins

October 21, 2008 by susan
big brothers holding new babies

Big brothers Gus and Henno holding their unnamed baby sister and brother.

Sunday morning started with Colin Powell's thoughtful and measured endorsement of Barack Obama. But it was more than an endorsement of Obama, it was an indictment of the hateful politics of the Republican party and the toxins being spewed by Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman. I've often argued that women aren't necessarily more suited to governing than men -- that their gender doesn't assure that they'll be less contentious and rely more on consensus, that they'll cooperate and play clean, or that they'll rebuke war and work for peace. Well, with these two lovely ladies in play, I rest my case. More, and twin talk too.

Anyway, Colin owed us all big time for his tragic silence in the run up to the war, and this sure felt like an aggrieved man coming to grips with his conscience. And he did it with solemn dignity.

At the same time that Colin was making his speech of redemption, my daughter was heading off to the hospital to give birth to twins. It was a long day of stop-and-go labor, but at roughly 10:40 p.m. she gave birth to a fine big baby boy, and two minutes later to an equally fine big baby girl. They weighed in at a few ounces over 7 lbs, with the boy being a bit bigger. Holy moly that's a lot of baby for a fairly small woman to have been hauling around in her belly. And frankly, they're perfect. Really. And we are all very relieved and grateful that they are finally here. (And we remain astonished by the whole process. Frankly the stork is every bit as plausible.)

And for you numerology freaks, the date of this fortuitous convergence was 10-19-2008, numbers that all come out to 10. Hmmm. (1+9, and 2+0+0+8.) And it's also my other granddaughter's 10th birthday. Well, that's today, but close enough.

So happy redemption day Colin, and happy birthday new babies, and Olivia. You all give me hope.

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LoriJ (not verified) | October 21, 2008 - 5:05pm

Congratulations grandma! Love and health to all of you.


Susanbw (not verified) | October 22, 2008 - 7:35am

Sunday's Powell endorsement, delivered with such calm and considered authority, pales in importance to your daughter's safe delivery of two huge and healthy babes. Two cheers and love to the whole family!


barbara says (not verified) | October 23, 2008 - 8:49am

Congratulations, Susan! Enjoy those babies.


Anonymous (not verified) | October 23, 2008 - 9:28pm

Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack casts a good omen over the twins birth - and the twins' birth casts a good omen over Barack. Works both ways...and it means there's a nice jet stream o'good vibes streaming back and forth across the country. Let's hope it lasts. Luv Luv to all - dlw


Anonymous (not verified) | October 27, 2008 - 12:31am

Congratulations to you, Susan, and to your daughter on the birth of those cute little babes -- and their big brothers are equally charming and so pleased looking == aren't we ALL looking and feeling a little like them right now as we watch the political polls?! Let's hope and pray for upswinging times ahead! Ann