Michelle Bachman -- Say it ain't Joe.

October 19, 2008 by susan
Wide eyed Michelle bachman

Wow, remember that post I wrote about being embarrassed to be a Minnesotan when some cabbage-head in Blaine told John McCain that she can't vote for Obama because he's an -- Arab? (Uh-oh, that's my Michelle Obama moment. Guess I'll never run for office in Minnesota.)
Well, I should have known that Michelle Bachman, the bible-totin' gay-bashin' Bush-lovin' fanatic who got elected to congress in 2006 from our most conservative 6th district -- a swath of suburbs and farmlands that arcs over the top of both St. Paul and Minneapolis -- would up the ante. Read how.

In case you haven't heard her interview with Chris Matthews, she argues -- no, take that back. With the steely stare of a Stepford wife, she states the "fact" that Barack Obama and other liberals are anti-American and that the media needs to do a thorough investigation into which other members of congress are also anti-American. She out-Palins Sarah Palin. She out-Joes Joe McCarthy. (Speaking of Joe, how about that Joe the Plumber, eh? eh? Not really Joe, not really a plumber, not really a tax payer, not really looking to buy his boss's biz, not really going to making over $250,000 a year. More important, not really an issue.) Michelle has a formidable opponent with the unfortunate name of Elwyn Tinklenberg, but even before Michelle's appearance on Chris Matthews he was barely trailing her in the polls -- unthinkable in this bastion of very radical right-wing-nuts on social values. Keep your eye on that one on election night.

And while I'm doing the Joe thing, did I mention Sen. Norm Coleman? He embarrasses us in a whole other way, not so much with his outlandish and dangerous statements a la Bachman -- he's too slick for that -- but with a level of smarmy behavior not usually seen in these parts. Sort of a Joey Buttafucco smarm, minus Amy Fisher. Well, like I said, sort of. He's a self-serving hypocrite who is long rumored to live the sort of life that his opponent, Al Franken, only writes about. (And got raked over the coals by Coleman for doing so in a sleazy satire for Playboy written years ago.)

Well, out of the gutter into the light, even though I'm still in Seattle, where there's not a lot of light to be had. In case you're following this saga, I've been here helping our daughter and her family as they await the imminent arrival of twins. Very imminent -- they went to the hospital this morning and she's now in labor. I'm home with their two sons, 9 and 12, and yes, we're excited and more than a touch wired.

But there is light in that amazing St. Louis rally and in this morning's endorsement of Obama by Colin Powell -- what Newt Gingrich called the last nail in the coffin. And as I wrote that, the sun broke through the Seattle gloom. I take that as a sign, or at least a metaphor. Fingers crossed on all fronts.

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Anonymous (not verified) | October 19, 2008 - 8:56pm

La Bachmann was just named to Esquire's 10 worst members of congress list, with Ted Stevens, William Jefferson, and the like.


Okay, so it's Esquire, but it's clear to see she's a wingnut extraordinaire!


susan | October 21, 2008 - 1:03am

Wingnut, dingbat and disgrace. Fingers crossed that El Tinklenberg can beat her. Trouble is, she's representative of many in the district she represents. But I don't think they quite knew what they were getting when they got her.


Anonymous (not verified) | October 24, 2008 - 3:28pm

I happen to live in the 6th district. First of all, I think this is a very gerrymandered district. Secondly, my neighbors do not support her, and I do not want to just assume any area does. (Oh yeah up in xxxxxxx, they are all conservatives.) That just isn't true.

I hope people are tired of her. I am. But, I never agreed with her to start with. One thing about Michele, she is what she is - she does not try to hide it, because she thinks its a good way to be.


susan | October 25, 2008 - 4:00am

Fair enough. It is a gerrymandered district, (show me one that isn't) which is why I mentioned how it's a wide weird arc about the cities. And it's also true that there are plenty of people in that district who don't support her, but unfortunately, more who do. And we tend to characterize districts all the time. Mine, the 5th, is a bastion of urban liberalism -- we elected the nation's only Muslim Representative after all. And there are rust-belt Dems, and Sun belt Repubs, red states, blue states, all of that. So, I didn't mean to offend the good people of the sixth who happen to be trapped in Michelle's sticky stretched web, and I'm not saying that 100% of you support her, but she did manage to win, so a majority of y'all apparently do. But don't feel bad, apparently a majority, however it was achieved, also supported George Bush in '04.