And the winner is . . .

October 03, 2008 by susan

Well, don't ask me. I am clearly not a pundit.
(But I just read somewhere they're calling it 51-36 for McCain, or something close to that. And I don't know who "they" are. Zzzzz.)

When I watched the Obama-McCain debate I was ecstatic. I thought my guy was pitch-perfect and hit it out of the park and that McCain looked stiff and monochromatic and mean. Okay, so maybe Barack agreed a bit too much with the old coot, but I thought he was showing a kind of reach-across-the-aisle temperament.
Then the pund-nuts weighed in calling it a draw. They faulted Obama for agreeing too much, and faulted McCain for not looking at Obama. Not a game-changer. Yes, more.

Tonight the she-dog did her send-in-the-mavericks schtick, smiled a lot, rattled off a few well rehearsed fureign names (and got the easy American one wrong --Gen. McClellan for McKiernan) and her words had the weight of a feather. She reminded me of one of the Mouseketeers -- Doreen? Still, I could feel the Katy Couric damage coming undone.

And I thought that Joe Biden looked droopy-eyed and blotchy. He didn't look at the camera. He gave oddly timed big grins. Although he showed his knowledge -- and great restraint - he tended toward the boring, with a few notable exceptions -- like when he did the "John's no maverick" bit. But for much of the night I was staring at the ceiling, unable to watch.

Then the pund-nuts came on and pointed out pit bull's lack of content and praised Joe's avuncular patience. She was folksy -- and vapid. He was poised and substantive. But, not a game-changer. I suppose that's good news, but considering how we were once imagining what a lark this would be, it's not great news either. But all in all, I'm starting to think Joe did all he could, given this vinyl zombie he had to contend with.

But it's late and I'm tired of all things Palin, so here's what I really wish I'd written. From a thread at BalloonJuice. (Hat tip Zara)

"I can’t do it, guys. I can’t watch that stupid brain-dead simpleton up there, so supremely confident in her imagined competence as she spews out garbled talking points like a high-school drunk vomits up wine coolers. She’s a fucking idiot. I’m going to go take a shower and have a drink and then go to bed. It’s a goddamned insult to me, all of you, America, Joe Biden and Gwen Ifill for Sarah Palin to even be on that stage, and she should apologize to each and every one of us, personally, for wasting all of our time and energy. And so should the fossilized old lech that is reponsible for this insult to mediocrity being up on that stage, John McCain."

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Anonymous (not verified) | October 4, 2008 - 8:45pm

Regardless of Palin's performance, I really connected with Joe (can I call you Joe). I really had no sense about this guy before this debate. Yes, at times during this debate, he did get a little statistical. But- hey he is the adviser to the President- he (she) better be able to carry the data.

But at other times, I reallly found myself really seeing Joe Biden, not just as an extension of Obama but as himself. His personal tragedy- not paraded, but evidence that he does understand personal loss.

But that was not the case with Sarah (can I call you Sarah?) She was just retorting campaign messages. "Staying on Message" I think I have been proven right that MBAs would be the downfall of our country, now I will predict that "communications" will be the next downfall. (I am an MBA, who has worked in public relations)

But for now, if Obama does win, I, for one, will sleep better knowing a little better the man who might need to stand in.


TropiGal (not verified) | October 9, 2008 - 12:49am

I am glad that I found your smartly written blog. Good photo of Biden. How do you get permission to run these?


susan | October 9, 2008 - 3:11pm

Oh, hi there TropiGal. The little secret is that I don't. But, most of the images on Google are there for the taking. If they're not, they're usually clearly marked as such. I've never knowingly put up a photo that's protected. Some of the best ones are indeed in someone's personal gallery or copyrighted under some other agreement and it slays me not to be able to use them. But, I try to play by the rules. And I confess, I also try not to learn too much about the rules. Ignorance is (photo) bliss.
Glad you found us too.