Palin v. Biden: tonight's the night

October 02, 2008 by susan
Grinning pit bull

I predict that the VP candidate whose name has five letters -- two vowels, two syllables and ends in an N -- is gonna clean up tonight.

Okay, this one is Joe's to lose, but here's hoping he takes a page from Katy Couric's book. By not attacking the pit bull, just asking her simple questions -- "What newspapers do you read?" -- Katy came across as a sweetheart with a soft touch, not someone trying to play the "gotcha game". (As McCain claims the big bad media are doing.) And unless you're living in Cheney's bunker, you know how that's worked out for Sarah. More, and a note about Barb.

So Joe, answer the questions briefly, wisely, and shut up. Then let your opponent do the same. Well, attempt the same. She can probably be brief and probably shut up. The rest of it -- not gonna happen.

And Gwen, they're gunning for you, you biased race-baiting ho. (We're shocked, SHOCKED, that this sort of bias could be allowed in our political arena.) Your busted ankle's gotta be even more painful that SPalin's voice, but no Vicodin for you until after the show down. Stay sharp.

I'll be back at you all later.
Regular CLBers:
Barb's man David is in very serious straights right now. There have been a series of setbacks and they are having a very tough go of it. Please keep them both in your thoughts.

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