McCain bails out of campaign

September 24, 2008 by susan
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And may I say, what a crock of shit. Sensing that we're all grown ups here at the CLB, I generally stay away from the four-letter stuff, but sometimes the situation is so obscene that only profanity will do.

McCain's ratings fell this week, according to a WashPost poll, and even George Will called him a hot head and praised Obama for "looking presidential". New polls show McCain falling behind in battleground states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Colorado, and he's taking a serious whuppin' when the polls single out the economy. More.

This morning Barack Obama called John McCain and suggested they issue a joint statement on the crisis, and how they plan to monitor it while still campaigning. Six hours later McCain struts out solo, like the go-it-alone nut case that he is, and says he's putting country over politics and suspending his campaign -- including Friday's debate. Seems that the legendary big balls of the maverick (hey, isn't a maverick a castrated steer?) are shrinking. Or feeling the pinch.

Obama responded with his usual composure, saying that presidents need to multi-task, so he's continuing on. And he is very clear that he was the one who initiated the non-partisan approach of making a joint statement, and is a little puzzled by why McCain chose to go out and make this statement on his own. And so far at least, several pundits have pointed out that for someone who claims to work well with others, once again John McCain is showing that he'd really rather not.

Today's rash act is just another in a pattern of rash acts, and the Obama campaign should point this out over and over again. This guy is a dangerous little weasel. And you can add your own expletives to that.

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barbara | September 24, 2008 - 5:30pm

barbara has been living in cancer land lately. But every now and again, I pop up for a peek, only to find myself swept down the rabbit hole. I swear (yes, I do, in fact) that this is the most incredibly peculiar campaign of all time. Well, at least of my time.

John McCain does not have one presidential hair on his furry body. He is not a maverick. He is a loose cannon. And once again, I call your attention to Victor Hugo's marvelous short story about same. Here's an excerpt.

I also call your attention once again to the original version of Rumpelstiltskin, wherein the little man who believed he had the inside track to winning the princess became so infuriated when she guessed his name, he grabbed himself by the ankles and tore himself up the middle.

I long for a debate where McStrange tears himself in half, literally or metaphorically, while Barack Obama looks on in a calm, bemused way, as though to say, 'Having a bad day, are we, John?'

John McCain has not bothered to do anything even close to governing as a Senator in the past few years. Way. Too. Busy. So it seems a tad disingenuous that he presumes to play the "Let's go be senators now" card, don't you think?

I believe I detect the stench of desperation. May it be so.


susan | September 24, 2008 - 8:06pm

John McCain has not bothered to do anything even close to governing as a Senator in the past few years.

Um, last few years?
But I never bought this guy's act, it's true. You know how among Dems there are always those Republicans who get elevated to some status that makes them beyond reproach? Like Susan Collins -- "she's really one of us." No, not really. Or for a long time it was Barbara Bush because she didn't color her hair, wore pearls, was a "classy lady" -- until she said a few untoward things about those po' folks in N'awlins and not ruining her beautiful mind. (Oh wait, the beautiful mind thing was about American troops killed in Iraq, no?)
Then Laura Bush stepped in, the one who had the strength to get George off of the blow and the booze, a "sweetheart" who somehow got snookered into going along with his delusional over-reach. Sorry, she lives in the House of Bush, not the House of Saud, she had a say in such things. Or maybe not.

Back before John McCain morphed into the stunt man he is today, people would say, "Well, ya gottta admire him, he was a prisoner of war, he stands up to his own party, he's a maverick." I'd nod half-heartedly in an attempt to be conciliatory on at least one Republican. Then in 2000 he got fooked over by George Bush, saw how the electoral game is played, and started fanny kissing tele-preachers and tele-presidents alike, and the other half of my heart said, "I thought so."

It was said of WW2 hero Gen. McArthur that "he mistook his emotions and ambition for principles." My friend Sylvia told me that line today. She's not sure who said it, but we both think it applies to the Vietnam hero as well.


barbara says (not verified) | September 26, 2008 - 10:40am

Gaggle of folks are suggesting that Sarah "I can see Russia from my house" Palin fill in for McCoward tonight at the debate. They posit that that's what a VP does, i.e., fills in for The Big Guy when he's not able (or willing) to show his weasel face to the American people.

Saw the Letterman clips. Interesting to see him rip a new one into McCoward's rhino hide.

Watching the Republicans reminds me of the pivotal scene in Wizard of Oz, wherein Dorothy flings a bucket o'water at the burning Scarecrow, and in the process douses the witch.

"I'm melting, I'm melting! My beautiful wickedness is melting!"


MLS (not verified) | September 26, 2008 - 1:01pm

Speaking of witches...
If you did not watch Keith Olbermann, on MSNBC, CountDown, I suggest you do so via your computer. Wednesday's program (Sept. 24th) had a clip of the then Mayor Palin being cleansed and blessed by Pastor Thomas Muthee of the Wasilla Assembly of God Church. Seems like Pastor Muthee is involved with Witch Hunting (in Kenya) as he layed his hands on Sarah's shoulder saying "...every form of witchcraft, is what we rebuke..."