Henry Who? Are You S****ing Me?

September 24, 2008 by susan

Here we go again, another unknown bobbing for the ultimate apple -- $700 billion buckeroos of taxpayer dollars. When we were all scrambling to dig out the goods on Levi and Bristol and Trig and Trac and oh yeah, Sara Palin, we were -- kind of missing the big picture. (You're right Poet.)

We should have been running a few background checks on Henry Paulson as well. We have some say in whether or not Sarah takes over our country, but we have no say in whether or not Henry takes over our financial markets. And that $700,000,000,000. More, but not much.

And isn't it funny, hah hah hah, that just as Iraq is privatizing their petroleum industry -- thanks to George Bush, we're nationalizing our banking industry -- thanks to George Bush? The crowning glory of a totally failed presidency! And from a fiscal conservative, and our first MBA president at that. Yep, if we just ran gubmint like bidness our problems would all be solved.

But my first take on Paulson is this. When you see him discussing the bailout he doesn't look evil, but he looks scared shitless, which isn't totally reassuring. On the other hand, when you see George Bush trying to discuss it, he looks -- and sounds -- totally clueless, which he is. The only thing vaguely reassuring about him is that he'll be gone in a few short months. And I'm scared shitless about who'll be taking his place.

Well, it's been a long day and my head is filled with the sloshing bilge water of too much information, and I'm too tired to pick out the pieces that matter.
So, what we do about Henry and his grand fandango of a plan will have to wait. To be continued.

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Poet (not verified) | September 24, 2008 - 8:33am

When you are up to reading it, Naomi Klein has a good broad brush overview in Huffr Post on this latest shuck and jive act from Wall Street and the neocons.

On a positive note, at least under Bush you have no need of laxitives.


BobbyG (not verified) | September 24, 2008 - 10:44am

Representative Jon Porter: Fax 202-225-2185
Senator Harry Reid: Fax 202-224-7327
Senator John Ensign: Fax 202-228-2193

September23rd, 2008

8210 xxxxx xxxxx xxx
Las Vegas, NV 891xx


This hastily proposed Wall Street bailout is succinctly characterized by one word:


The widely cited draft provision immunizing Secretary Paulson from any regulatory or judicial oversight is UNACCEPTABLE. For one thing, it glaringly violates Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution (though that didn’t seem to bother you with respect to the FISA immunity travesty). The sheer amount of financial criminality that has ensued in recent years is simply astonishing. It’s like our national officials have learned nothing from the S&L scandal and Enron, etc.

This mess goes way beyond poor judgment. Crimes have been committed, and this time there is no convenient “terrorism” cover for you to cite in excusing this conduct.

I will be watching closely. You vote for this latest, and by far largest sell-out of the American public, I will work tirelessly for your removal from office. We deserve real solutions and real ACCOUNTABILITY. I recall the 2000 campaign promise of this “CEO-in-Chief” “MBA President” who was going to come in and run a tight and proper businesslike ship. Instead, we got a Dilettante-in-Chief whose role, it inescapably seems, was simply to provide cover for the looting of the federal till by cronies. Mission Accomplished, indeed, and this Wall Street bailout will be his crowning achievement. Endless shame on you should you be complicit in it.


Robert E. Gladd


barbara says (not verified) | September 24, 2008 - 11:17am

(((BobbyG))) Welcome back. Great letter!!!