NOT about Sarah Palin. A cancer update.

September 15, 2008 by susan
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Hard to believe, but it's been a year since Barb's mate, David, was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. They've been on a pretty rocky road since then, but due to Barb's courage and chin-up humor, you'd hardly know it.

While there's been progress in fighting the cancer beast, there have also been set-backs and complications from the aggressive treatments he's receiving. The radiation has at times left his throat too sore to eat, and he's also been plagued by painful esophageal spasms. It was recently agreed that he should go on a temporary feeding tube in order to give him the nutrition and energy he needs to win this battle.

Barb is not only the lifeline of the Clothesline, she also posts updates on David's CaringBridge site, and, I dare say, she keeps David going as well. (And her brother Garry, but that's another story.)

She's been reluctant to talk about this much at the Clothesline, but with her permission, here's an excerpt from the most recent CaringBridge site: READ IT HERE.

"Hullo. Wrapping up our weekend vacation from radiation. Back at it tomorrow. Radiation this time is aimed at a nasty cancerlet growing at the base of David’s spine. Impinging on a nerve, causing leg weakness. Goal of radiation is to keep it from causing more serious problems. Excellent idea, we think.

David had his feeding tube placed on Friday. An outpatient, minimally invasive procedure – to the extent that having a hole bored through your belly is minimally invasive. Better living through chemistry (aka, pain meds) kept him comfortable Friday night. Med staff arrived Saturday to teach us how to set up and use all the apparatus. We have your basic tripod, electronic pump, special bags for dispensing the nutritional liquid, cases of liquid nutrition, syringes for flushing the tubing et al, and assorted other odds and ends.

PET scan this week. Results and probably/possibly/ chemo at end of week. Eager to hear where we go from here with treatment.

Twins and Gophers rock. Vikings suck. Political landscape needs serious roto-tilling. And so it goes."

That last graph is so Barb.
I hope you will keep them both in your thoughts and send them your prayers -- or the healing energy of your choice.
Booyah Barb and David, we're with you.

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