Screwing around vs. screwing the nation

September 12, 2008 by susan
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In a recent (rejected) op-ed, I wrote that I could forgive Bristol Palin for screwing around and making a risky choice (hullo, a long life with Levi?) because that's what teens do and she's very young and foolish. But I couldn't forgive 72-year-old John McCain for his impetuous and dangerous choice of Sarah Palin.
Let's see, one screwed Levi, causing her to make a tough choice; the other made a tough choice, causing him to screw his country. Something like that.

I sent that op-ed to a few people, and DKNY wrote back that forgiving the uber-religious doesn't come so easily for her. It's today's guest post.

I'm not so forgiving of the mistakes of the religious. Seems to me that the purpose of being a Christian, or any other serious faith, is that it transforms your life. You have to behave differently. Your standards are different from those of us godless libertines. You protect yourselves and your children from all kinds of pitfalls (sins) including drugs, crime, and yes, extra-marital sex and unwanted pregnancies, not by screaming "no!" at them all the time, but by creating communites that are involving and exciting, and vigilant enough that temptations and opportunities to act on them are simply not there. (Okay, infrequently there - never say never. Even Mother Theresa nuns occasionally get knocked up.)

It really isn't fair to wrap yourself in the mantle of holiness, and then shrug when shit happens. We all know a few families, (yes, not many, there is a culture divide here) who are fundamentalists who really seem to have nailed the family thing. For all their irritating simplistic and exclusionary views of the world, they seem to have excluded a lot of life's crude and cruel attitudes to other human beings, including casual and underage sex.

In short, you can't have your cake and eat it too. And by the way, Sarah Palin was also pregnant when she got married. Or so they say. Which leads me to another easy mantle they put on: Love. Love just trumps everything, don't it? But that's another essay.

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