Palin still pumped in St. Paul

September 04, 2008 by susan
Palin giving speech, inset of Levi and Bristol

Update: Crusty's speech was rambling, long and poorly delivered. Some talking heads are saying it was an A+, others are saying it was the worst acceptance speech since Jimmy Carter. But they all agree on one thing. The two biggest applause lines were when he mentioned Sarah Palin. So I was wrong. For tonight anyway, Sarah's still got the bubbles.

Well, how long before the fizz is gone and Sarah Palin becomes just flat grape juice? Usually an uncorked bottle goes flat in about 26 hours, which would make that about 2 hours after old Crusty's acceptance speech tonight.

Let's face it, Sarah hit it out of the park -- only she was playing paint ball, not baseball. She lobbed her insults and lies at our team with the sharp eye (and tongue) of a woman who just might shoot wolves from an airplane. Her attacks were the most colorful part of the 93% white (and 68% male) convention. Well, that and Cindy McCain's soylent green dress. Yes, I'm being catty and sexist, so while I'm at it, did anyone else get a Rosemary's Baby vibe as Cindy stroked the head of the Palins' sleeping infant? That woman creeps me out big time. Back to the fizz.

I think most of us were dumfounded to the point of catatonia last night as we watched John McCain's folly become John McCain's savior. There was so much to take in, from the nasal twang of the celebrity speaker (only interview she's granted is to People Magazine. You tell me which one's the unknown celebrity.) to the smugness of the abstinence-not couple, now the poster children for choosing life. Excuse me, but what sort of example are they setting for the youth of America? (One might ask, if one thought that way, as Repubs are known to do.) They're sitting in the royal box as paragons of what exactly? I don't give a rat about their randiness -- it's the most normal thing about this goof ball charade of a family -- but if Joe Biden or any other Democrat had a knocked-up teenaged daughter, and trotted her out the way the Palins have trotted out Bristol and Levi, well, imagine the uproar. They'd attack his "Hollywood" morals, his lack of family values and question what sort of parenting his children were getting at home.
Which leads me to another digression/question. If the first dude works the oil fields and is a commercial fisherman as well, and Gov. Mom is being governor, who is home with the kids? Just asking, not criticizing, because lord knows, men aren't asked that question, and many women figure out how to have great careers and raise children, (and a few men do too, but not so much the children part) and most women have no choice but to have shitty jobs (for less pay, which is how Gov. Palin thinks it should be) and raise children.
But I just wonder what the arrangements are. A relative? A nanny? A series of nannies? Surely someone's going to trot out a chatty nanny who reveals that this family is indeed different on the inside, and then another will be trotted out to counter that one, who will be labeled disgruntled.
But really, if she's going to be an inspiration to young people, especially women, on how to balance family and career, could she tell us how she's done it? Who cooks? Who does the laundry? Who schleps the kids around to their appointments and lessons? What sort of staff does it require to raise five kids with two parents working full time? Maybe it's all in the People interview.

Okay, the fizz. This morning it was still there. My research, here on this little Michigan island (yes, I'm staying away from Minneapolis until the maverick follows his herd out of town) tells me that Palin was a big hit. I spoke with three men, all of whom last week attended a fundraiser here for Obama, and each one said he was reconsidering McCain because of Palin. "She was amazing, tells it like it is, will shake things up, makes me see how smart and canny McCain really is, etc." "Nah, she tells it like she wants it to be," I said, pointing out her most obvious lies about Obama raising taxes and her being against the bridge to nowhere. Nope, they just kept shaking their heads. "She was terrific." Will they vote for McCain now? Maybe. Argh.

Well, talk about a morning after. Churning stomach, pounding headache and a wet wool blanket of despair weighing me down, I retreated back home.

But then I got on-line and started to read rebuttals, and heard the Peggy Noonan/Mike Murphy gaff, and read that the wacko base at the convention loved her, but maybe not all Republicans did. I read that most people realized that she was all gloss, no substance. And even the gloss was tasteless, like cheap icing on sugary cake.

I'm not as sickened as I was, and I think the fizz is out of the bottle. And tomorrow I'll post some of the reasons why, because this post is too long already. And I'll try to stick to the issues, take the high road and all that. Even though it's not as much fun, and they never do. Ta, there's an acceptance speech to watch.

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