Levi Johnston, F***in' Redneck

September 02, 2008 by susan
Levi Johnston

Well at least one member in the McCain/Palin circle of "friends" is still riding the Straight Talk Express. "I'm a f***in' redneck," declared Levi Johnston, soon to be father of Bristol Palin's love child. Apparently he knows more about who he is than John McCain knows about Sarah Palin.

Writing with the verve and insight of the f***in' mono-adjective set, Levi goes on to mention he'll kick the ass of anyone who f***in' messes with him, that he lives to play ice hockey, likes to f***in' chill, and that he doesn't want any kids.

Didn't that abstinence-only curriculum explain to him that no f***in' kids requires no f***in? Yes, more.

Despite the deliciousness of this dramady for obvious reasons (which one is the hockey mom?) it's a sad story in the long term for all involved, especially when the f***in' red neck daddy don't want no kids.

And it's even sadder that John McCain, in his crotchety I'm-the-decider" way, has put his country at risk by selecting a woman he knew so little about to be second in command, simply to help him win the election.

Teenagers can be forgiven for making stupid mistakes. Crusty old men like McCain, running on the merits of experience and judgement, can't be. Put this guy back on the flip-flop express, and send him to a home of his choosing.

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Penny (not verified) | September 2, 2008 - 3:05pm

McCain should have had Jerry Springer do the vetting.


susan | September 3, 2008 - 10:33am

Perfect! But the convention Repubs are falling all over themselves to say she's more experienced than Obama and the pundits are, for the most part, fairly glowing at what a brilliant choice this is. Many of them also gave last night's speeches, even Bush's, good marks. Can't wait to see what they have to say about Gov. Palin's tonight. There's no way they'll pick on her, in part because expectations are so low, and I can hear it now -- she hit it out of the park, showed why McCain put his trust in her, blah blah blah.
And am I so totally revolted at the modern day Repubs (well, I realize that "modern" doesn't quite apply to them) that I only see white people on that convention floor, and mostly old ones at that? No wonder they were ga-ga over Fred Thompson. I know, we get plenty of doozies at our own convention, and don't judge a book and all that, but to me the contrast between the their delegates and ours is telling.
Also, I'm hearing insider rumors that McCain chose Palin because he's ticked that he was over-ruled on his first choice of Lieberman. That's why all the Jerry Springer sort of past didn't bother him. He'll use her through the convention to appease the evangelicals and social conservatives, then she'll withdraw citing the need for Bristol to have privacy (blaming the media for hounding her, which they are) and he'll get Lieberman after all. Especially now that Joe's proven his loyalty and likability (and liarly ability) in last night's speech. Just a rumor.


Poet (not verified) | September 3, 2008 - 7:12pm

First of all it seems like forever since I got any hint of a rolicking good sense of humor from your posts--nice touch, thanks.

How to explain the Palin (or even a potential replacement by "ach du Lieberman" ) candidacy later on?

1. McCain knows his candidacy is toast and any serious VP candidates have demured from vconsideration. (For instance if they were serious about a woman VP candidate they could have considered Christy Todd-Whitman, Susan Collilns, Olympia Snow, or Elizabeth Dole)

2. Sarah Palin has always wanted to see a lot of the lower 48 states and this will give her the chance of a lifetime all on a corporate dime and all perfectloy legal.

3. Maybe even Republicans are getting tired of nothing but old white guys on their tickets.


Anonymous (not verified) | March 14, 2009 - 6:10am

I think it's time for an update on this Thread. Looks to me as if Levi is now showing his true colors. Maybe he read his own MySpace page!