Bristol, Are You S****ing Me?

September 02, 2008 by susan

Well, apparently that family/work balance thing is a little more out of whack in Sarah Palin's life than we were led to believe. And apparently abstinence-only, which Gov. Palin supports in Alaska's public schools, has failed Bristol, as it has so many teens. (And politicians and priests and, well, parents everywhere.)

As Barack Obama so graciously pointed out in his response to the news of 17 year old Bristol's pregnancy, his own mother was 18 when she had him, and this is not a campaign issue. And yet . . .
Read why it is.

It is. It's huge. It calls to question once again the judgement of John McCain, who, it's said, knew of Bristol's five month pregnancy before choosing Gov. Palin to be his running mate. It calls to question the process he has in place to make decisions, the aides he relies on to vet and refine his choices, the shallowness of his understanding about what's required of a VP and his imperial attitude toward decision-making. Haven't we had enough of a go-it-alone president? This is no maverick, this is an impulsive old man. And if this is the best he can do, imagine the cabinet and the supreme court choices he'll be making.

Barack is right, however, that the private morality of a family is less important than the public morality of a government. And Bristol's dalliance should have no bearing on how we regard Sarah Palin anymore than Mary Cheney's sexual orientation had any bearing on how we regarded Dick Cheney. They are both totally reprehensible on their own, not because of the sex lives of their children, but because of their views on everything involving the sex lives of their children, from sex ed to abortion rights to gay marriage. (And because of their views on pretty much everything else as well, from the oil fields of Alaska to the oil fields of Iraq.)

Well, poor Bristol. Somehow the Repubs will use her to their advantage just as they're using Gustav to tamp down the "excitement" of their dead-man-walking convention. Already they're tripping all over themselves to praise Bristol for "choosing life." I suppose this is no surprise coming from the lips of dusty old white guys, who, along with their once Grand Old Party, don't see a lot of life in their future.

But I think Bristol is their exit plan, the end of Sarah Palin as VP. MSM reported tonight that there is a team of Republican lawyers and advisors in Alaska, doing the vetting that should have been done before she was chosen. And Palin has hired an attorney to deal with her troopergate problem. Surely the strategists and big wigs in St. Paul are in a frenzy over this mess.

So, here's my guess. Gov. Palin will decline the nomination in order to give Bristol the privacy she deserves, and blame the liberal media for making a public circus out of a private family matter. (BTW, it's only private when their daughters get pregnant. If yours does, it's a gubmint matter.) And Tim Pawlenty will step in. And it makes me sick to write it, so I hope I'm wrong.

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cbl (not verified) | September 2, 2008 - 8:58am

Pawlenty was the only one of the marquee choices who didn't have any "values" vulnerabilities -

so, did they recklessly pick Palin because gender was a bonus ? or did she have more powerful fundie ties ??

ps - there's a chance Pawlenty wasn't picked because he didn't "appear" fundie enough for the powers that be - by that I'm talking about his spurning invitations from some anti choice groups to appear at their annual Roe v Wade gatherings - gee, why wouldn't a sitting Gov and rising national star want to be photographed with dead fetuses as a backdrop ?

very nice site Susan and (((Barbara)))


barbara says (not verified) | September 2, 2008 - 12:30pm

Hey, (((cbl)))! Thanks for stopping by! A wee bit less congested here than at FDL, eh? *g*


Jean T. (not verified) | September 2, 2008 - 8:30pm


I am NOT a republican supporter of any ilk, but a suggestion I have to make. I hate age discrimation and any discrimination or ism out there. Thus while I strongly oppose John McCain and Palin, I think it just and wise not to oppose McCain on the basis of age as I see running through your blogs of late.

Let's take him on re his ideas, stands on issues, lack of performance in the campaign, standing with Bush etc and leave age out of it. Many 72 yr olds might be wise presidents. This is not about age; it is about capability, record, and the issues. Let not we dems start to use "isms" as in ageism as an argument.


Just B (not verified) | September 2, 2008 - 11:24pm

case in point.......G. W. Bush had the greatest security system sitting in the VP slot...........that being "Fire first, think second" Cheney.

Now McCain will have the greatest of healthcare and security system, if Palin becomes the next VP.

All at the taxpayers expense.

Know anyone that has that kind of healthcare? Do you feel safer now?

I don't.


susan | September 3, 2008 - 11:00am

Good point on age-ism Jean, or any "ism". But as you note, it's running through my blogs "of late". I hadn't consciously done that, but I think with McCain et al making such a big deal about Obama's lack of experience and the vicious Paris Hilton ads, I've slipped into fighting back on their level. If they're going to call Obama a celebrity, with all the connotations of vacuousness that involves, or as the "anointed" one, when he actually had to run one of the most hard fought primary campaigns in either party's history, then I feel McCain's age becomes fair game.
If the New Yorker feels it's good satire to run a cover portraying the Obama's as Fox news would have us see them -- and it's a perception far too many people still hold to -- then why not one with McCain in a walker and Cindy kicking back with a brewski in one of her seven houses?

Also, McCain's lack of knowledge of current technology, whether due to his age or his lack of curiosity (as I recall, youthful George Bush also did not know how to use "the internets") makes his age more of a legit issue.

Finally, it seems to me that he made his age relevant by his reckless choice of a running mate. And that's why I've been harping on it of late.

But, I hear you. The real issues are his judgement, his temperament, his impulsiveness and his world-view. And his choice of friends (think Joe L.) and wives. (Sorry, also a non-issue, but Cindy gives me the creeps, big time.)