SARAH PALIN?? Are you s***ing me?

August 29, 2008 by susan
Sarah Palin

Um, hello, Susan here, remember me? I've been AWOL, MIA, goners, and then some. Can't explain it, but had to do with an implosion of political thoughts that collapsed in on themselves leaving me fallen and silent like a cold souffle. But that's for another time.
Sarah Palin has brought me back. Someone wrote to me that Americans will just love her, but I think McCain totally blew it, once and for all, with this one. Yeah, some Fox-watching fearful goofs will love her, but with his advanced age, and her lack of experience, can anyone take this choice seriously? Can anyone on Wall Street take it seriously? Can anyone in the state department or the Pentagon take it seriously? Can anyone who's tried to raise kids and hold a full time job (a woman that is) take it seriously? Read on.
She might have been a good choice for one of the "average joe" speeches at the RNC convention, maybe even a nominating speech -- were she even half as good a speaker as the "average joe" speakers at Ivesco stadium last night. But to lead the country? Wow. How insulting to us all.

John McCain has once again shown his HUGE lack of judgement, made his age a bigger issue, and put the country at peril by choosing someone who is from a third string farm team in Alaska and totally unready for the big league. He ought to be having serious buyer's remorse about now. I watched some of Fox news, and even Karl Rove was scratching his head saying, "Huh?"

Mitten Romney would have brought business acumen and a certain vitality and even gravitas, and Tim Pawlenty would have brought the new look of the GOP --attractive, evangelical, smooth talking -- but Sarah Palin?? She brings a bee-hive hairdo, a nasal twang and a real 1950's sensibility to the ticket. Think Lawrence Welk. Think accordion and a polka mass. Our mayor, RT Rybak, calls her Dan Quayle in a pant suit, but I think Quayle was light years ahead of her.

And picture this: The debate with Joe Biden??! He must be wondering how in the world he can do this without looking like a bully. It's like Michael Jordan going one-on-one against my 13-year-old grandson, who's pretty darn good for his age, but not quite in Michael's league.

I think this cynical choice disqualifies him from being taken at all seriously. He's playing with the future of the nation here, just to uphold his image as a maverick and to buy the women's/NASCAR vote. I've heard that Ms. Palin is anti-choice, on the extreme right fringe when it comes to reproductive rights. So if the angry Hillary people go for her, then it really wasn't about the best policies for the country, only about anger and revenge. Are there really that many voters like that out there? I don't think so. Especially compared to the young new voters who are higher than Ivesco Stadium right now, and registering to vote in record numbers.

And where does this choice leave my business friends, the Repubs who haven't liked Bush -- first on social issues, later on fiscal issues -- but worried about Obama not really "getting" business? They also worried about McCain not really "getting" the economy, and hoped for Mitten Romney as VP. There were even rumors of Bloomberg being talked into it. How in the world can they seriously get behind this ticket now?

It's said that Obama didn't much care for Biden at first, that he rubs him the wrong way, and if that's true, look what he did. He got past it and picked someone who really could lead the country if the worst thing happens. And yeah, someone who can also help him win. But I believe that came second to Biden's abilities and experience.

McCain can make no such case, and he's 25 years closer to the grave. (If the secret service does its job for Barack, please god.)
This is a desperate and disgusting slap at America.

The whole charade in Dayton had an eery echo of all that the Dems did and said in Denver, from the attempt at a "festive" atmosphere, to the son going to Iraq like Beau Biden, to the references to unions and jobs, to cracking the glass ceiling and the anniversary of women's suffrage. (They couldn't work in the race thing though.)

They are a lost tribe, the GOP, with their pathetic old "maverick" leading them the wrong way. In fact, isn't the original definition of a maverick a lost member of the herd? One who can't find his way? It's not like the bleating steer makes a choice to go do his own thing, he just can't figure out where it is he ought to be headed.

Despite getting chills watching creepy Cindy McCain and the bizarre neo-feminism of Sarah Palin, and the lost old man who has chosen them both, I was doing a little victory dance in my kitchen watching the GOP go down. And if Americans don't get the difference this time, we all deserve to go down with them.

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DKNY (not verified) | August 29, 2008 - 3:09pm

In answer to your line of "can anyone" questions, yes, yes, yes yes and (however many) yeses.
Yes, because enough of those anyones took George Bush seriously to get him elected twice, much to our disbelieving eyes.
At work today, with my (mostly black) co-workers, all talk was of the excitement of last night's convention; even the early-to-bedders stayed up late to watch, past midnight. And then the Palin news. Dead silence. "A woman? A beauty queen? Married to an Eskimo? " Silence. Then one woman cursed quietly, "see? they're so damn slick. How will we ever win now? Just when we get something going................."


Penny VK (not verified) | August 29, 2008 - 7:58pm

A problem with the selection is that it was made by a man. Women know their own pecking order; we all have sisters, female bosses and coworkers, etc. We all know whose rise to power is merited and whose is a result of a pretty face or playing politics. Nothing wrong with beauty or political skill, but women prefer merit. That said, Hillary has merit, Ms. Palin, well she’s an admitted hockey mom, and the rest is yet to be seen. Many women have 5 children. Many women have a child with Down's Syndrome. Some women are governors. In selecting Ms. Palin, John McCain has simplified the qualification for governance of the United States of America, suggesting a governor/hockey mom can do the job. No thanks. We all have had to endure hockey moms, and I would prefer someone with more, well kindly put, experience. We have had eight years of an under qualified politician, and we are becoming, if not already, second to China and challenged by Russia. If America, (as it would be with any corporation in the world), is going to remain competitive, we cannot elect a pedestrian politician, we need to elect a qualified leader.


Attilla (not verified) | August 30, 2008 - 12:02am

This astoundingly poor pick of a VP reflects so poorly on John McCain to the point I ask myself why is he trying to throw this election? I strongly suspect that she will not be the Republican VP pick come November...


susan | August 30, 2008 - 1:29am

Well, the Repubs are rumored to be putting off the opening of their convention due to hurricane Gustav, second cousin to Katrina. I'm wondering if it's not also related to what has to be the turmoil McCain's caused by choosing hurricane Sarah as VP. Are the operatives gathering and trying to figure out how to undo this major gaff?
I think Atttilla is right to suspect that Palin will be dumped before the election. But dumping VP choices is never a great winning strategy. Seems to me that either way, McCain is history. But then again, people voted for George Bush, sort of.


Pixie Martin (not verified) | August 30, 2008 - 6:12am

You were my savior yesterday after having watched the Dayton announcement. You "nailed it" and named the insult I experienced seeing Palin's introduction. What kind of ego on her part would/could accept the nomination? How could anyone be so naive as to think being the governor of a state with fewer citizens than our Twin Cities (for fewer than three years) is somehow qualified to potentially step into the Presidency overnight?

All I can imagine is that McCain expects to hold her on a pedestal during the campaign and then expect nothing from her if he should be elected (god forbid!); tokenism at its worst.

Pixie Martin


MLS (not verified) | August 30, 2008 - 1:19pm

Like millions of others I could not believe McCain's choice
for VP. What the h--- is this all about?????
There is a segment on last night's Daily Show with John Stewart showing Gov. Palin being interviewed by an unknown reporter about one month ago. When asked her reaction to being considered for VP she replied, I really can't answer that question about VP talk until someone tells me, "What is it exactly the VP does every day?"
My suggestion to readers/bloggers on this site is to go with the recommendation and current project of to get the young voters registered to vote this November. They are the ones who can make a difference and support the "change" that Obama promises and our country so desperately needs.
Welcome back, Susan.