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August 25, 2008 by barbara

barbara writes

Everybody mourning the end of the Olympics? Courage. Cue the Democratic convention!

Yes, it is begun, or will be later today. Democrats in vast numbers, along with planeloads of Republican moles and pseudo-journalists, have ascended into Denver. Not exactly the Rapture. They’ve still got clothes. But some very cool stuff is going to happen there.

Just read that Ted Kennedy is in Denver and is expected to speak to the convention tonight. It will be a good thing for Democrats to have this visual of political spine. It’s a big health risk for TK. David and I have learned firsthand that when chemo whacks the immune system (which it always does), a cancer warrior is at significant risk of picking up…well, pretty much anything. Even grandchildren are potentially “dangerous.”

Back to the convention. These are the days when Obama and Clinton supporters will finally face each other down and either move to détente or perpetual estrangement. Read more.

Hillary is expected to release her delegates on Wednesday. Reminds me of helium-filled balloons, rising above Pikes Peak and away. Druther they didn’t, though. Now is the time for all good women to come to the aid of their party, deeply flawed though it may be. Is.

I’m reasonably convinced that though there are still festering wounds among some Hillary supporters, the perpetual kerfuffle on blogs and LTE’s is largely the work of Republicans. It is to their advantage that the Dems remain divided. What better way than to pose as a snarly Clintonian, shivving Obama and now Biden?

Biden. Having been deeply and thoroughly vetted, one assumes he is ready to stand firm against Rove’s candidates. (What? You thought he’d gone away? Bwahahaha!) Whatever Biden lacks, he’s got a boatload of experience and credentials. Okay, he’s not exactly the poster boy for “change we can believe in.” He’s the insider’s insider. But as Frank Rich pointed out in yesterday’s NY Times, the Obama campaign might consider changing its slogan to, “Change before it’s too late.” Whatever it takes. I have a generally positive feeling about Joe Biden, which is not to be confused with giddy delight.

I guess I may have to dig out the teevee and watch some of this. We don’t have a big, plasma-screen honker. Nope. Barack Obama and Joe Biden and their colleagues will not be larger than life in our household. Maybe that’s good. Kinda keeps things in perspective.

For now, I’d rather keep an eye on the orioles who’ve been making frequent appearances in our yard in large numbers. Unusual for this time of year. But then, what's “usual"?

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