Who will be next to enter the MN Senate race?

July 15, 2008 by barbara

barbara writes

Some days, it is simply too weird out there to rise up from the mattress. Today’s the day.

Whodaya reckon will be the next U.S. Senate candidate to surface in Minnesota? Turns out it could be almost anyone! Booyah!

Recap: A few weeks ago, retired pro wrestler and former Minnesota governor, Jesse Ventura and his buddy, Dean Barkley, headed out to the links to determine which of them would run for the U.S. Senate. Ventura lost the golf match, or so the story goes, and thus he became the designated weird one (a role to which he is accustomed).

In some ways, this makes about as much sense as the more conventional selection process (walking caucuses and candidates selected by a slim minority of the population). Maybe this is a model for the future. Think Hillary, Obama and bowling. There's more, there's more!>

In any case, last night, after weeks of breathless speculation, Ventura announced on the Larry King show that he will not be running for Norm Coleman’s Senate seat after all. Well, what he said was, “I am not going to run at this moment….It’ll take an act of God to do it.” Oh, lord, you wouldn't, would you?

Meanwhile, in a nifty bit of tag-team timing, Dean Barkley announced this very morning that he will now enter the race. Why do I suspect these guys are messing with Minnesota minds to extract some kind of weird vengeance? I suppose it would be unkind to mention that Ventura is pimping his latest book.

Anyway, Barkley has a short list of his own failed runs for political office. He did chair Ventura’s winning gubernatorial campaign. Most recently, Barkley ran Kinky Friedman’s prat fall in Texas. It seems Barkley trends to the preternaturally peculiar.

It also seems we have entered silly season in Minnesota politics. Priscilla Lord Faris has decided to run against Franken in a primary (which will cost her and Minnesotans a boatload of money that could have gone to securing a Dem win). Ventura/Barkley, the two-headed beastie, is poised to run. And I have it on good authority that next up will be Harold Stassen (I know – it doesn’t matter), perpetual bridesmaid Mike Ciresi, and Wendell Anderson’s walleye.

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Jean T. (not verified) | July 16, 2008 - 8:25pm

I liked your blog on the entrance into the the race by independents. But I tell ya, I listened to MPR interview both today and I tell you their positions on the war (GET OUT!) and on the environment and energy )GET USED TO IT - WE NEED TO GO TO ALTERNATIVE ENERGY and not just independence, is very attractive to me - the left leaning democrat. If it were not for their social policies being off whack, I would vote not for Barkley but for the other guy whose name did not stick with me somehow as I was getting ready to depart my house.

If these compromising dems including Obama do not get their act together and quit moving toward the middle on so many issues, they are going to start losing democratic voters. The latest compromise tactics in the US Congress are unacceptable on privacy, the war, and other issues.
No spine it seems. And too much reliance on lobbyists even when Obama says he is not. Instead of the money coming directly from such "donors" he is instead refusing to stick with going for the federal sourcing and instead of kicking off lobbyists a lot of money per MPR is coming through his action groups from other politicians who got it or some of it likely from other suspicious groups.

Instead of putting my frustrations on this blog I believe I will now send them to Obama and other dems us voters have supported.

Okay, I admit, I am not a strong Franken supporter (tho I likely will vote for him) but my fear is that he will also collapse into the democratic mess in Congress which requires - if this world had its head on straight - to speak the truth to power and to lobbyists.

Jean T (I needed to vent my frustration somewhere!)


Anonymous (not verified) | July 20, 2008 - 7:31am

I think just like the picture indicates, you missed the target. Low and to the left too... The people we elect so promptly take money from and abdicate responsibility for writing legislation to others. Drug companies write the drug laws. Auto companies write the EPA laws. Banks write the lending laws. Credit card companies write the bankruptcy laws. All with such stellar results. Who is writing laws for my benefit?


barbara says (not verified) | July 20, 2008 - 5:30pm

Well, with any luck at all, your Congress-critter(s) are drafting laws for your benefit. Unless, of course, you have a Congress-critter like John Kline (CD2), whose clientele must be wealthy, corporate, unfailingly right-tilted and addicted to oil and military might. If those are your issues and you live near me, you're in, pal.