A Telegram from John McCain. STOP.

July 11, 2008 by susan
McCain, all alone in Gulfstream jet

Alec Baldwin writes in the Huffpost that Dems should not go after John McCain for his age. I agree. Age, as in chronological age, isn't the problem. Think Ronnie Reagan, who was ancient and had a tad of dementia, but is still revered by a bamboozled American public. It's how one adapts to old age. I'm 61, and I know how hard it is to keep up with technology, specifically all things cyber. Twitter? Huh?

But McCain has lost that race. He's completely out of touch with the modern world, whether the collapse of the economy or the downturn in the lives of working (and whining) Americans. Like George Bush the First, who didn't know about grocery scanners, McCain barely knows what a computer is, has never sent an email or used "the Internets."

Get this. He recently sent a Telegram to my mother-in-law, which came to us. Among the many hilarious paragraphs there's this one.
"Senator Obama and his wealthy liberal allies . . . are growing their mailing lists and phone banks, perfecting their technologies, developing their money-raising techniques -- from telephones to text-messaging to mail to the Internet to knocking on doors. STOP. And it is working. STOP."
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Okay, so I added the STOPs. But the entire letter reads like a telegram, something which no one under the age of 50 has probably ever seen. It's also full of misleading statements, aka, lies, like "And of course, Senator Obama will surrender to Al Qaeda in Iraq and withdraw our armed forces based on an arbitrary timetable." Surrender? Does anyone even know to whom one would surrender, were one so inclined?

Admittedly, this is clearly a mailing targeted at older voters, who, like McCain, find the Internet foreign and frightening. And that's the problem. Not that he's old, or courting the elderly voter, but that he thinks like one.

Oh yeah, one other thing. McCain's camp ought to work on their technologies. My mother-in-law has been dead for five years.

McCain watch, part 2. There's a lot that's wrong about John McCain, but the media just can't seem to go there. McCain has contorted his character into any cranny that'll have him, then crawls out and criticizes Barack Obama for changing his positions, a la John Kerry. I know none of us is happy with Obama's vote on FISA, but for McCain to criticize him for his vote, well, some nerve, as we used to say.
But, as Max Bergman, again in the Huffpost points out, the McCain campaign is coming off a perfectly dreadful week of gaffs which the press would be all over were it the Obama campaign -- think bitter and cling -- but they continue to give the old "maverick" a free pass. And that maverick thing? Gimme a break. McCain manages to contort his character into any cranny that'll have him, then crawls out, straightens up, and proclaims himself his own man. A war hero. A man with true grit and character.

The LA Times did take on the character thing, writing about how McCain ditched first wife Carol, and three children, for second wife Cindy after meeting Cindy at a reception in Honolulu when he was serving as Naval attache to the US Senate. According to Cindy, "He kind of chased me around . . . the hors d'oeuvre table."
She was 24, he was 42, and married. He was soon divorced, and married Cindy months later. But lord knows, he's not the first philandering politician, and I wouldn't give a fig if it weren't for the fact that the Republicans are always claiming a higher rung on the morality ladder.

That's all for now, from Michigan, where I'm on a weird disconnect. Sorry for the long lapses on the line.

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Anonymous (not verified) | July 15, 2008 - 1:02pm

Thanks for pointing out that the age thing with McCain is not chronological but he way he thinks ( or doesn't) And we are all tired of the "maverick" pass that the press gives him while even the usually responsible New Yorker does their not funny "satire" cover of the Obamas. Not a good joke to show Muslim costumes and guns on that duo. Unlike people of your grandmother's era, most people do not read mags, they glance at covers. Discouraging.