Cousin Susan Says, "Enough with the Hillary bashing."

July 02, 2008 by susan
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Cousin Susan -- who isn't really my cousin, but is my best pal's cousin, ergo goes by that moniker -- recently wrote to the CLB about bashing Hillary vs. recruiting her supporters to help win this election. Barb's busy battling the cancer demon, and I'm busy hosting (healthy, thanks be) children and grandchildren. So voila, a guest posting by Cousin Susan, formerly of Topanga Canyon, CA, now back home in Des Moines, Iowa.
I've much enjoyed periodically reading your comments, most of which I find help my wandering mind organize itself at least briefly.

Back here in soggy Iowa, I've been talking with my friends who were early Obama supporters about a woman to woman campaign to bring Hill's Gals back to the Dems.

Punditry aside, we need to get it together and, a la "new politics", it would seem that a movement from the grass roots could go a long way towards honoring the work that went into that campaign. Perhaps start with an invitation to discuss what it is about her extraordinary campaign that is still so powerful for so many.

The Obama supporters I know are still spending loads of time mulling over their well practiced Hillary Hating rants. It became a bonding ritual here for the Obamaites to gather and almost immediately go into the latest rant about how bad, evil, unfair, tricky, rotten, the Billary's were/are.

From my perspective as an early Hill Gal, who soon migrated to
the candidate I saw as most likely to win, the bonding ritual was not only UnObama like it felt like a lefty dance ala Rush Limbaugh.

What about the new politics I'd ask? What about extolling your boys latest triumph? To my woo-woo pals I'd ask about spinning negative energy.

Was this a part of the Obama support up North? If so, when/how do ya'll get over your negative selves, open up and extend hands across the fence, from your clothesline toward mine and get the energy going in a positive direction?

I've been asking myself what is it the Hillary supporters want so
passionately? And what I believe is that gals my age -- yes I still have a few ERA collar pins in my jewelry box -- see ourselves back when, in our tacky pantsuits, being heckled by the white boys in red ties.

So what I want is to see is more women's faces. I want the Dems to really support gender equality, not just in the phone banks, or the volunteer staffing, but actually running for and being really, I mean really supported by other women and by the party. I want to be able to point out sexism when I hear it and not get slammed for it. In fact I want sexist comments to be as
politically hot as racist comments.

And yes, we have to win, and we need the Hillary folks who
do know how to phone bank, and get out the vote. So let's do it, one gal at a time, right across the clothesline.

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