Count down on Florida and Michigan

May 31, 2008 by susan

As I write, the DNC rules committee is deciding what to do with the Michigan and Florida delegates. How could it have come to this? I don't mean that they'll hand down a bogus decision, a la supreme court in 2000, because I think they are all smart enough to know that they have to present a nicely trussed bird, stuffed with just enough delegates to keep everyone happy. (Except Hillary, and the woman in this photo.)

But wasn't there something that Howard Dean and the powers-that-be might have done in advance to prevent this toxic display of mayhem? Two states jumped the gun, broke the rules, all candidates agreed not to campaign in those states, Barack Obama even took his name off the ballot in Michigan, and Hillary Clinton said the votes didn't matter. And now, she says, they do. She's the champion of the little guy, you see, not a back room deal-making sort of pol.
Oh puhleez, this is why people like me who used to admire Hillary find her so off-putting now.
And I'm in Michigan, one of the contested states, where it's very cold and foggy and rainy. The trees aren't leafed out, the much celebrated lilacs are holding their magnificence in tight little bundles of pin-head sized buds. Winter has refused to face the inevitable and get out of the way for spring, which I see as a corny metaphor for the obvious.
Well, warmer weather is moving in tomorrow, I'm told, which, to play out the obvious, means that the DNC will do the right thing today. And Hillary, crushed and broken-hearted (and yes, I do feel sorry for her) will finally announce, after her victory in Puerto Rico, that she's conceding -- for the good of the country of course.

That same night, Tuesday, Barack Obama will be holding a rally in St. Paul, MN. I'll be home by then, jockeying for a place on the rope line. I think I finally feel spring in the air.

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barbara says (not verified) | May 31, 2008 - 1:02pm

I am such a loser, I've been watching the whole dealie this morning on C-Span. Get a life, woman, get a life. Oh, wait. This is about having a real life after January 20, 2009. Booyah!


naomi dagen bloom (not verified) | May 31, 2008 - 4:18pm

you say it so well. at this moment the DNC crowd is walking back into the room...can it truly be finished? we must move on, talk about real issues, not be distracted by a very smart, abused woman who made/makes bad choices yet is held up as role model for woman of achievement. it's muggy in new york city.