May Day and then some

May 14, 2008 by barbara

barbara writes

Just emerging from the cancer thicket (David is my hero!!). And what to our wondering eyes should appear but sunshine! Glorious Minnesota spring sunshine. That and Mayflowers. Forget-me-nots. Vinca. Bloodroot. Perennials are rising and growing measurably every day. David’s cold frame is filled with hundreds of plants he started from seed. Trees and shrubs are leafing out so that soon, we’ll be enclosed in our secret garden(s) once again. Dandelions are rampant and I believe I can hear the crab grass bitching. Read on.

The orioles and hummingbirds are back. Booyah! We’ve been treated to red-breasted grosbeaks and a new visitor yesterday – an American redstart, which looks like a miniature oriole. Cutest dang thing! The birdbaths seem to be the birdie equivalent of the water cooler (is there still such a thing in the era of Evian and Naked Juice?). I’m on guard duty, racing out of the house like a crazy thing, clapping my hands at marauding blackbirds and grackles who bully the little birds. And why is it that hawks and eagles don’t mess with ugly birds? Just askin’.

The sights, sounds, smells of springtime are largely absent the rest of the year. Freshness. Newness. Land not yet baked by summer sun. A time for paring away winter kill to make way for new growth. Sounds kinda New Agey, doesn’t it? Well, in a manner of speaking, I guess it is. Allergies notwithstanding, it’s the season for breathing deeply, clearing our lungs of leftover winter.

Can you tell that spring is my favorite season? ‘Tis. Even the bitter ugliness of politics can’t destroy its magic.

And China? I’m so sorry.

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