More Papal Proof . . .

May 11, 2008 by susan
Pope Benedict

. . . that lots of people don't listen to their religious leaders. (A tangential ramble on the road to motherhood.)

The Pope has reiterated the church's ban against artificial birth control as well as its ban on any methods of artificial procreation. For years Catholics have had a wink-wink attitude towards the no birth-control rule made by those who don't play the game, and will continue to do so. But most of them aren't walking out of their churches because they think the Pope's message is -- nuts.

The church also opposes in vitro fertilization. "No mechanical technique can substitute the act of love that two married people exchange as a sign of a greater mystery," Benedict said. So, who's stopping them? It's just that sometimes to get a baby -- which for mysterious reasons doesn't always happen -- some non-divine intervention is required.
Papal nonsense, cont'd.

The reason that the Pope -- and other religious conservatives -- oppose in vitro has nothing to do with mortals playing God. It has everything to do with the bible's injunction against spilling one's seed. Yep, masturbation violates God's law, even if the sperm goes immediately into an egg-filled petri dish to do its bidness. I mean, for the sperm, this is like taking a one-stop flight vs. a non-stop. And from the numbers of multiple births happening all over this country, apparently there are a lot of sperm taking one-stop flights.
Presumably, some of these sperm come from Catholics and others who believe the word of the lord. So they know that this stance is utter nonsense, but they don't disavow the pope or sever ties with their church. They just put that wackiness aside and keep the parts of their faith that sustain them. If they didn't, there'd be very few people left to fill the pews.

And that's my early dawn Mother's Day musing. Huzzah to all of you mothers out there, no matter how you got there.

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Anonymous (not verified) | May 11, 2008 - 4:00pm

There was a delicious story out of Rome a few years ago: there was a large demonstration to protest a ban against in-vitro conception, and someone carried a large placard with a photo of the Angel Gabriel and Mary, with the message, "Assisted Fertility Works!"


susan | May 11, 2008 - 6:30pm

Nice!! Wish I'd thought of that. And speaking of assisted fertillity, as I was, here's a little more religiosity that bugs me.
It's when an infertile couple gets pregnant with the intervention of modern medicine and has multiple embryos implanted like buck shot to increase their chances of success -- but then refuses selective reduction arguing that it's God's will that they are carrying six embryos. No, it was God's will that you bear no children, and you did an end-run around His plan.
I'm not saying that the in-utero Sophie's choice of selecting some embryos to become babies, while "deleting" others, isn't an agonizing and gruesome choice, even when ensuring a better outcome for those left to grow. But how about thinking that through on the front end, before allowing the clinic to step in where God wasn't going to go? Why not just say no to six? A polite, "I'll take my chances with two."
The clinics do the job they're paid to do -- get you pregnant and tout their successes, but they walk away from the final results. And with sextuplets, that's rarely the blissful material of marketing brochures.
But happy Mother's day, to those who are, those who want to be, and even those who chose not to be. We're all in this together somehow.


naomi dagen bloom (not verified) | May 14, 2008 - 9:13am

received an update today from RH Reality Check blog that does excellent work tracking women's health issues--HIV/AIDS, choice, family planning for all ages and places. here's today's

enjoy your comments! -naomi


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Nice!! Wish I'd thought of that. And speaking of assisted fertillity, as I was, here's a little more religiosity that bugs me.
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