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April 23, 2008 by susan
Queen Hillary

We knew it was coming, knew she'd win, but we all hoped the margin would be single digits and it slopped over into double digits, by a hair. If I were Barack I'd be sorely tempted to just walk away from it all. You know? Just say, "This whole process is demeaning. It's demeaning to me and my family, personally, but it's demeaning to America and to democracy. So she can have it. She can live in that gutter, I choose not to." But he can't and won't. The Clintons do seem to be cut out for this stuff though. She's got a point about being able to take it. She can get down in the muck and look like she's loving it. Yeah, more.

Meanwhile, McCain invites poor rural black women onto the Straight Talk express to show he's a new kind of Republican --- and not the one who voted against making MLK's birthday a national holiday. And speaking of race, it seemed to rear its ugly head in PA, where voters said in exit polls that they weren't ready to vote for a black man. (And, conversely, a majority of urban blacks showed they were.) And I don't know what it means, exactly, about race or elitism or guns or religion, but in many rural counties of PA, Clinton beat Obama by a margin of 2-1 or more. See the NYTimes map of PA counties for the worrisome numbers.

Maybe Hillary will succeed in doing what the Republicans couldn't quite do, that is, turning rabid politicos like me off so firmly and finally that we all stop giving a rat. Hell, I've got my little piece of the American pie, handed to me on a (tarnished) silver platter, so I do just fine under the Republican mantra of not taxing the sacrosanct rich. And nothing we've tried has worked, we couldn't even defeat the stooge prince when he ran for president. Once was a fluke, but twice? Things just get bleaker and bleaker, so why bother?
Elect McCain and his beer-breathed queen, keep the war machine going and gobbling up your children (even your children who've done time, cause 1 in 5 American males have, hey, we're number 1!!) and let the torture mills and rendition plants do their dirty work, grinding out nothing more than billowing hatred towards our country, and let the seas run out of fish and the lakes dry up and the air turn to toxic fog. I had a good run, it's not my problem.
Bleh. I need to get out and ride my bike until this passes. Could be a very long ride. But, I'll be back, and I'll give the flip side of this dark coin -- why it matters, why we have to keep on trying. And why Barack Obama will win. Later.

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Anon 1 (not verified) | April 23, 2008 - 11:52am

Hey ! Don't be so hard on yourself that you inherited your money. That platter thingy, Just don't fritter it all away. It's still the American pie and not everyone has to know who baked it.

As for Hillary and Barack, you did this yourselves. Neither is electable....the shine is off, but it appears that you already know that; admitting comes later.

The wise "super" delegates have waited, exactly for what is not quite clear yet.....maybe a third name?

Why hell, it's worth a shot. Plan "A" and plan "B" are dead for November.


MLS (not verified) | April 23, 2008 - 10:27pm

In recent months the other side of Hillary has blossomed with many thorns. Her smile may appear loving and caring but her
actions are stabbing deep into the heart of the Democratic party. OUCH.