Repubs to delegates: You're just props.

April 18, 2008 by susan
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Next week is my DFL (Democratic, for those who don't live in MN) district convention and I'm thinking about trying to get elected to the Democratic National convention. Barb may be too, but we both know that the portal narrows considerably at this level, and the rationale for who gets through is more art (to be kind) than science. And I don't mean to imply it's the high and mighty who get through it. Nope, we're the DFL. We make our selection on more amorphous criteria.

So I'm thinking about this national convention. Will there really be much of a reason to be there other than to be part of some HUGE frickin' historical moment? I mean, people tell me you get a much better view of it all, actually see (and hear) the speeches if you're not on the convention floor.
Read on.

So it struck a chord when I read Craig Westover, a frequent critic of mine from the dark side, ratting out his own peeps at MinnPost. (see Barb's post below) Apparently some 7th District Minnesota GOP delegates received an e-mail warning them that they shouldn't expect much of a role or influence at the Republican National convention when it burbles in to St. Paul in September.

According to Westover, Neil Nelson, chair of the GOP Seventh District nominating committee, sent out the email, but said he didn't write it. So as not to "reinvent the wheel," he said, he used content prepared for another GOP district.

It's just so -- Republican. While we Dems claw each other's eyes out and apolgize if our claws left anyone feeling blind, the Repugs line 'em up and give 'em the straight cynical truth. "You're gonna pay -- a lot, and you're gonna be no more than a prop".
Okay, I harbor no delusions about the role delegates will play at our convention either, unless they're wearing capes with giant S's on them, but we tend to be just a bit more accomodating and, well, democratic.

Here are some highlights. Don't miss the part at the end about the platform. (And thanks Craig.)

There are substantial costs.

a. The registration fee alone is generally $300 or more, and "guests," if you bring your spouse, cost the same.

b. For security purposes, you will be required to stay in the convention hotel, at a cost of $2-300 per night (5 nights).

c. You will be expected to contribute significantly to the national party and campaign, $1000 is almost the minimum.

3. You are expected to contribute to the "TV image" of the Party by being present, applauding and cheering at the "right" places, etc.

********You should also be aware that, unlike your service as a State or local delegate, your influence on the process is considerably limited. The other primary states will, by convention time, have determined the Presidential nominee. The platform process is divided and the opportunity to participate in even a piece of it is limited. After the convention, the platform is generally ignored. For this reason, the role of National Delegate is generally seen as a "reward" for long and faithful service to the Party, rather than as a "representative" to a deliberative body or a "learning opportunity" for newcomers. *******

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barbara says (not verified) | April 18, 2008 - 8:24pm

Well, I'm screwed. Short and faithless service. Shallow pockets. Insufficient sucking up to those in positions of power. No posse to call my own. Failure to fund party organizations. Hell, I didn't even attend the Humphrey Dinner this year. But wait! All is not lost. I can run for a national delegate slot as an un-hack. A maverick! barbara nader! Beholden to no one. Old and pathetic. Yeah. It. Just. Might. Work. Or not.