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March 24, 2008 by barbara

barbara writes

WARNING: The following post may not be appropriate for bears of little brain, terror-mongers and Republicans. But I repeat myself.

It is something of a family joke that I used to tell my children, “You know, it’s not right to label people. In particular, it’s wrong to label someone a a**hole bad person. Let’s try this. Let’s just say that SOandSO is exhibiting a**hole bad person-like behavior, okay?”

I just sneaked a peek at Huffington Post and what I saw there prompts me to say that Richard Bruce Cheney is a card-carrying a**hole bad person. Actually, a a**hole bad person exhibiting a**hole-like bad person-like behavior.

What now? Well, on ABC News today, the Grim Veeper lobbed a couple of gems for our consideration.

Asked what impact 4,000 dead Americans in Iraq might have on the U.S., Cheney (who seems to favor his view of the obvious), said:

”It obviously brings home I think for a lot of people the cost that’s involved in the global war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan….It places a special burden obviously on the families….The President carries the biggest burden, obviously.”

Read on.

Are ya messing with our minds, Dick? Again? Already? Still? “The President carries the biggest burden, obviously.” I am totally gobsmacked by this full-frontal arrogant insult on our troops and their families. The man who tap dances while Baghdad burns carries the biggest burden (obviously)? Right. Hang on a minute while I wrap my head around that one, okay?

Meanwhile, Bush’s Vice Brain reminds us that the women and men fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan volunteered to do so. That they're happy to be doing what they're doing. Protecting our country. And in the beginning, that's probably what they believed they were doing. The Big Lie that would cost them their lives was not yet visible. They marched to their deaths to protect George W. Bush’s fortune, his cronies and his pathological need to prove to Poppy that his boy-child was a manly man after all.

George’s war has nothing whatsoever to do with defending this country. Never did, as Cheney knows full well. Might get that way, given the level of contempt for the United States generated by (class?) George W. Bush and his Republican attendants.

And then he said, did Dick, that the candidates who are pressing for us to pull out of Iraq are “seriously misguided,” whereas John “War Forever!” McCain is presumably seriously guided.

Speaking from his impenetrable bunker, Richard Bruce Cheney snarled that the men and women he speaks to in Iraq are committed to the war. They love the bleeding and dying thing. Well, duh! Did Cheney think for one single minute they’d do anything but ferret out those who'd be willing to make nice for him?

Read today’s New York Times, Dick. Read this excerpt from Sgt. Ryan Woods’ journal.

it is fighting extreme boredom with the lingering thought in the forefront of your mind that any minute on this patrol could be my last endeavour, only highlighted by times of such extreme terror and an adrenaline rush that no drug can touch. what [expletive] circumstances thinking “that should’ve been me” or “it could’ve been me”. wondering it that pile of trash will suddenly explode killing you or worse one of your beloved comrads...only backed by the past thoughts and experiences of really losing friends of yours and not feeling completely hopeless that it was all for nothing because all in all, you know the final outcome of this war. it is walking on that thin line between sanity and insanity. that feeling of total abandonment by a government and a country you used to love because politics are fighting this war......and its a losing battle....and we’re the ones ultimently paying the price.

And then this:

Not many soldiers leave behind a just-in-case letter. Specialist Daniel Gomez did. He handed Ms. Broom an envelope at the airport with the words, “Don’t read unless something happens to me.”

On July 18, 2007, two months after his leave, Specialist Gomez died in Adhamiya when the Bradley fighting vehicle he was in struck a roadside bomb. The explosion and flames also killed three other soldiers.

Ms. Broom waited three days after she got word to open the letter. She sat alone in the couple’s favorite spot, her apartment balcony.
“I was very thankful that he wrote it,” she said of the letter. “I have opened and closed it so many times, I’m surprised it hasn’t fallen apart.”

R+R 2007
Hey baby. If you’re reading this, then something has happen to me and I am sorry. I promised you I would come back to you, but I guess it was a promise I could not keep. You know I never believe in writing “death letters.” I knew if I left one for my folks it would scare them. Then I met you. We were supposed to meet, darling. I needed someone to make me smile, someone that was an old romantic like I was. I was going through a very rough time in Iraq and I was startin to doubt my mental state. Then one day after a patrol, I go to my facebook and there you were...

I can’t stop crying while I writing this letter, but I have to talk to you one last time, because maybe the last time I heard your voice I did not know it would be the last time I heard your voice....

I Love You. Go be happy, go raise a family. Teach your kids right from wrong, and have faith, darling. I think I knew I loved you even before I met. I love you, Katy. * Kiss * Goodbye

Life interrupted. Must be hardest of all on George W. Bush. Obviously.

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susan | March 25, 2008 - 8:20am

No Barb, sorry to disagree, Cheney is much more than an a-hole. He's a venal liar. He and Rummy both ought to be put on trial for what they've done to our country -- not to mention the Iraqi people. We watched the first installment of Bush's War on PBS's Frontline last night, and it lays out all the ways these two took us into Iraq, knowing the "intelligence" was cooked, brashly over-riding usual procedures and safeguards, bullying staff, and in Cheney's case, seizing complete control of the little pin head known as Dubya. Part 2 is on tonight, and it can be viewed on-line, and, of course,will be replayed. Check it out.


Poet (not verified) | March 25, 2008 - 9:46am

Susan I'm not sure I quite agree with your impression of the Frontline documentary "Bushes War".

I have nothing but contempt for VP Cheney and "his arrogance" Rumsfeld.. However, as I watched the first part of the Frontline documentary unfold, it mae me think that this whole show was being staged like some professional wrestling tag-team match.

Cheney and Rumsfeld are portrayed like Dr. Death I and II, with Dubya, Colin Powell, George Tenant, and Condo Rice as the Marx Brothers (remember that Zeppo was the 4th Marx brother?) in a no-holds barred, double elimination, tag-team match for the intergalactic championship.

As sorry as this whole episode is in American history, I really do not believe these guys and gals are that stupid, forgetful (that'd be "Fredo" Gonzalez) or bumbling. If you peruse "Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism" by Naomi Klein I think you will reach the same conclusion.

I will especially be interested tonight to see how Frontline explains the abrupt replacement of General Jay Garner with L. Paul Bremmer to run the occupation. Watching the likes of MIchael Gordon, Robert Woodward, and Evan Thomas pontificate on the issues is not my idea of using very good sources for clarification.

I would have rather watched Robert Fisk (Mid-East correspondent for the London based Independent, Dahr Jamal (an unembedded journalist who actually goes out beyond the green zone for his reporeting of the war and occupation, and Naomi Klein (whose conclusions are ALWAYS backed up by primary source documentation) But then I wanted Dennis Kucinich to challenge for the Democratic Party nomination for President this year..


susan | March 25, 2008 - 10:13am

Gosh durn, Poet, I'm just too dang mainstream and gullible! Seriously. I'm not a Fox News sort of girl, but I'm pretty much a PBS news sort of girl. (and I use "girl" here very loosely.) Think Moyers, and yeah, think Frontline. I hear you on watching Fisk or Klein, but I thought it was pretty amazing that Frontline got all these Bushian oafs to publicly state (okay, some) of what was going on behind the scenes -- while pointing the finger at someone else, of course. You say they're not that bumbling, and I agree, most of them aren't, but Cheney and Rummy do stand out in their venality. And Condi does seem totally out of her league -- a foreign policy grad student, as Rummy, I think, regarded her -- but Frontline makes it clear that she fails miserably to do her job, lets the big dogs roll over her, is completely ineffectual, if not complicit. Most of us who were paying attention know all this stuff, but for those who weren't, this is a pretty good re-cap. That's what I think, and I'm standing by it! For now. But then, although I'm a devout Wellstonian, I never could take Kucinich very seriously. Stay tuned for part 2.