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March 16, 2008 by barbara

barbara writes

Gonna be gone again for a few days. So this is an open invitation to converse among yourselves until I return.

Here are some conversation starters:

Spitzer: Man or Myth?
Spitzer: Conspiracy Theory re timing of disclosure
Spitzer: WTF was he thinking?
Spitzer: Enough, already

Obama's pastor: Man or Myth?
Obama's pastor: Wherein we acknowledge that ordination does not preclude braying ass syndrome.
More great ideas.

Obama: Man or Myth?
Obama: A way out of the slough of despond
Obama: Grace under fire
Obama: Wear clean underwear at all times; they'll be lookin' at that next.

Hillary: Anyone besides me tired of being bullied to back her?
Hillary: Anyone but me fed up and rising with Hillary as victim?


Dirty snow

Anna Nicole Smith: Is she still dead?

Will Brett Favre play another year and why does he pronounce his name that way?

Is seven months a long-enough baseball season?

Recession or depression? Take your pick.

And now, a fond adieu for a few days.

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Poet (not verified) | March 23, 2008 - 8:38pm

Elliot was not thinking--or more accurately he was "thinking" with his other :head". Women of all people should know that God gave men two heads but only enough blood for one to function at any one time.


Poet (not verified) | March 23, 2008 - 9:00pm

Elliot Spitizer is neither man or myth. Elliot Spitzer embodies the Peter Principle. The Peter Principle which was formulated by author Laurence Peter proclaims:

""In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence."

Elliot was a very good AG for NY. He pursued Wall Street crooks with the wild abandon of a snarling Rotweiler sicked on a home intruder.

He was hard-nosed and relentless in his pursuit of crooks and couldn't be threatened, bought, or stopped. The voters of NY were so greatful that they nominated and elected him as Governor of the state.

Regrettably the same uncompromising and hard-nosed qualities that made him such a great prosecuter of crooks made him a very ineffective governor.

Being governor is about doing deals and smiling at those you would just as soon punch out. That's not how Elliot is built and it showed in his two years trying to lead the state.

So when you are stuck in a job you cannot do very well whaddya do? Ya get bored, restless, maybe even horney. You end up unfocused and confused as to what the point of your life is and if you have the means and the opportunity maybe you even start banging upscale high-priced call girls.

That's my theorey and I'm sticking to it! Still, it's a shame he will never get to be the US attorney general. He might have had the chance to be the most hated AG since Bobby Kennedy..


Poet (not verified) | March 23, 2008 - 9:20pm

Barack O and Michele with their young elementary school aged children have the opportunity to become the African-American JFK and Jackie if he wins the presidency provided:

Barack has some ethical core to go with his toothy grin and pleasent and charming manner.

Barack is smart enough to choose a good set of advisors and counselors as did JFK which will give him the multitude of counsel in which there is safety.

Barack has the determination to practice "carpe diem" ("sieze the day":) rather than constantly ruminating on "what will this mean for my legacy?"--which to cite an example is what John Kerry seems to stumble over.

Barack is smart enough to give a few token republicans some cabinet positions but firm enough to resist any efforts at subversion they might make.

MIchelle is strong-willed enough to do things her way and smile sweetly as she demures from the the trivial pursuit of fluffy topics of inquiry or conversation.


Poet (not verified) | March 23, 2008 - 9:33pm

Obasma's pastor (actually former pastor) Jeremiah Wright (isn't that a funny irony?) falls into that great tradition of ecclesiatical entertainers who as they increasingly realize that their patrons are more interested in entertajnment than any spiritual enlightenment give 'em what they want.

Like oppiates over time it takes more of the same drug to achieve the "high" being sought. So they go from the ridiculous to the is probably safe to say that those who wern't off dozing in the mellow bliss of their Suinday morning "fix" probably forgot everything he uttered before dark the same day.


Poet (not verified) | March 23, 2008 - 9:40pm

My favorite thing about Hillary is watchingt her walk back and forth on the stage (like Bill used to do) and nodding like some bobble head doll as she makes her points through that phony smirk of a smile at which she excels. Not only don't I believe anything she is saying, I don't even think she believes it now (if she ever did).


barbara says (not verified) | March 24, 2008 - 7:53am

(((Poet!!))) Welcome back. I'm back. Susan is back. We've got each other's back!

I think Obama has good instincts. I think he will surround himself with exceptional people. A good blend of insiders and outsiders so that the same old pols are not his only source of wisdom.

I keep mentioning this, but it bears repeating: Barack Obama taught constitutional law. Praise the lord and pass the amendments. Imagine having a president who actually believes what he's saying about protect and defend. The first in this millenium. And the people say, "Amen!"


Poet (not verified) | March 24, 2008 - 10:44am

Barbara sez:

I keep mentioning this, but it bears repeating: Barack Obama taught constitutional law.


So did Bill Clinton--be careful what you wish for......


barbara says (not verified) | March 24, 2008 - 11:37am

Hey, Poet, the big difference is that Bill's era was BB (before BushCo). Back in the day when the Constitution had some clout and was held up as the backbone of a now spineless government.

There was a time when I respected Bill, his pecker problem notwithstanding. I used to admire his political acumen. I used to believe he had political principles. I used to believe . . . oh, hell, I used to believe in the tooth fairy, so another myth bites the dust.

Ah, Susan, there's been a perfect storm of crap since you went away. (The visual for that is really disgusting, isn't it?) On the whole, I think I'd opt for butterflies. I am so, so, so discouraged. The ugly in-fighting is the worst part by far. I find the wobbly Clinton juggernaut totally off-putting.

So where's the most venomous pillow talk (even if the pillows are rooms part)? Hill and Bill? (Of course, we now know that Hillary spends her nights by the telephone, waiting for the sixth ring to spring into action.) Elliot and Silda? Larry and Suzanne Craig?

Oh. Forgot to mention that on my way out of town, got a look at the Larry Craig memorial biffy at MSP airport. Eh. Over-rated. Sometimes a biffy is just a biffy.


susan | March 24, 2008 - 11:07am

Huzzah on all the comments, Poet. As for Elliot using his "other" head, around here we used to distinguish one from the other by referring to the big head and the little head. But with people like Spitzer and Clinton, both bad boys I once quite liked, maybe the terms big and little don't apply. Maybe they need a Starbucks sort of ranking -- short, tall, grande and venti.
Fortunately, I know nothing about the size of either Spitzer or Clinton's lower heads. But through personal past research and anecdotal data I've come to believe that those men with venti upper heads often tend to come up a bit short on the lower head. Ergo, the need to take the quantity-not-quality approach to sex to prove themselves highly desirable to women. And of course, for some women (and men) power is the ultimate aphrodesiac -- or pay check.
You know, despite Obama's much-touted great speech on race, it's been a crappy few weeks in America since I went away. (I turn my back and you guys let things go all to hell.) So I'm sort of thankful to Spitzer and all the other sexual merry pranksters out theree for providing these distractions. Keeps me from thinking about the abyss we're toppling over on the economic front and the abyss that President John McCain intends to keep us in in Iraq/Iran with the Sunnis/al-Qaeda/Shiites what the hell they're all the same to me.
BTW, according to Paul Krugman in the NYTimes today, one of McCain's economic advisors, Kevin Hassett, author of "Dow, 36,000" insists the economy would be just dandy right now if state and local governments hadn't tried to limit urban sprawl.
Is there any thing out there, other than the integrity and courage of Barack Obama and Bill Richarson and a handful of others, that cheers you up? If so, don't hold back. I need a fix.