The Butterfly Effect: If Junior flaps his jaw in the White House . . .

March 08, 2008 by susan
Monarch butterfly

Folks, it's been a little bleak around the Clothesline. Barb and Dave have that cancer demon to defeat, and Barb's brother is ill, and my niece and her husband and their families just went through the excruciating ordeal of watching their newborn son Sam, a twin, slowly die from complications related to twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, and there are still grave concerns about the other wee twin, Will. And then there's -- everything else.

Including Junior's bizarre press conference (posted by Barb below) endorsing John how-many-ways-would-you-like-me-to- kiss-your-fanny McCain, which made me think of the Butterfly Effect, and how the ripple from one very limited monkey-man's mouth grew to create a hurricane of trouble for millions of people all over the world. And there's McCain, shit-eating grin and all, standing there next to Junior, and I start to see the Butterfly effect all over again, starting with the supreme court, flutter flutter flutter.
More on butterflies -- and a screed on Dems to boot.

Well, truth is, I'm also thinking about butterflies because I'm bailing again, off to the Chincua Monarch Butterfly Preserve in Michoacan, Mexico, where 100 million Monarch butterflies winter over in the high mountain forests, migrating from as far away as Canada, and no one quite knows why or how they do it. (It's also where, I just read in today's NYTimes, gun-toting loggers are illegally clear-cutting the habitat. So hurry hurry, see them while you can . . . )
So please keep Barb company. Enjoy her kick-ass great writing --which is the reason the Clothesline exists -- and take time to comment, which we love because you're all so smart. And also, please remember the suffering ones in your thoughts.

Meanwhile, thought I'd post this little screed from our daughter Zara.
I'm still kind of in Samantha Power's camp when it comes to Hillary. But I'm worried about Obama going down the path David Brooks laid out today. There does seem to be have been some palpable lessening of the magic recently. I felt it even before Ohio and Texas, I must admit.
Still, I'm seriously considering un-registering as a Democrat. I'm pretty thoroughly disgusted with the Party, who refused to support Al Gore properly (I wasn't living here for that election, but that's my impression - though I know he did a good job of taking himself down), who forced the totally unelectable John Kerry down our throats, and now is waffling, changing rules, fighting its own best chances. We've become like some comically inept band of bickering, small-time, Central American guerillas. If they go through with a plan to somehow reinstate the MI and FL delegates and it results in a Hillary win, that really may be it for me. I know it's a bad thing to shut those voters out, but here's the deal THEY shut themselves out - I mean, their state parties did. Now they're all, like, crying "poor disenfranchised me," but the party should show some tough love on this one. Sorry, worse option is to change rules midway in a climate where people (Dems) are unprecidentedly cynical about the electoral process. I'm SO hesitant to say it, because I reviled and continue to revile people who voted for Nader on this basis, but I'd almost rather see McCain win at this point. I'm trying to tell myself how horrible that would be (the MAIN problem for me is his capitulation to the Club for Growth dogma on taxes - devastating to a country that's literally falling apart) because intellectually I know it will be. But I can't FEEL it the way I felt it with Bush. A lot depends on who his VP is, and as he's likely to pick some standard issue, smug, piece-of-shit from Repub central casting, then I will probably begin properly to hate him. And the idea of him. But, so far, I don't. Forgive me father, for I have sinned, and all that. I do hate his wife, though. Will that help me out in purgatory?

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paul W. Miller (not verified) | March 8, 2008 - 9:36am

the democrats might be dumb, stupid, incompetent, stupid, repug lite, stupid, incapable, floundering, disorganized, stupid...

however the republicans can be summed up by this headline:
Bush to Veto Water Torture Ban

DO NOT go to the dark side, McCain is fully on board to keep the Bush Doctrine in place despite the fact that 14% think Bush is competent i.e. 86% consider him incompetent

why would anyone consider voting for McCain unless they are trying to expedite the rapture? McCain can be legitimate if he picks a good VP?????????

we can hip check the bullit train to doomsday that Bush/Cheney* are driving or we can watch it speed by as they change conductors

* sort of the Casey Jones (with a sneer) and Roundhouse Rodney of Washington -- for longtime Minnesotans


Marcia Wood (not verified) | March 22, 2008 - 10:57am

You can't work up enough dislike for John McCain? Let me help you. FORMERLY, Mc Cain was
against Falwell-Robertson as promoting intolerance
against Bush tax cuts as favoring the richest
and most of all, "astonished" when Romney said in a debate that he wasn't sure that waterboarding is torture
NOW he is against a woman's right to choose
gave a speech making up to Liberty University (2000)
wants to make Bush tax cuts permanent and
most " astonishing", says the "misperception of drowning" is a technique that may be necessary

And I heard a woman on hate radio say she's voting for McCain because he sticks to what he believes!


susan | March 25, 2008 - 8:04am

Thanks Marcia, I am with you on this 100%. My daughter is the one who wrote that she can't work up a serious hatred against McCain, not me. Must be because I raised her to believe that thou shall not hate, and hate begets hate and all that. Because she's very smart and I'm sure she gets it. But the lurking point here that scares me is that there are lots of people out there who feel a more visceral dislike for Hillary than they do for John McCain, and lots of them are Dems. And all you say about McCain is true, and more. Let's just hope that he continues to stand up and make public gaffs while Joe Jimminy Cricket Lieberman whispers in his ear. Everyone remember how much razzle-dazzle Joe brought to Al Gore's campaign in 2000? Meanwhile, the Dems better start spinning our ongoing slug fest as a positive open review of the issues, or some such thing, or we're going down in flames. Maybe we already have. Aieee.