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February 11, 2008 by susan
Bush, Plan for Victory

Gotta get rid of that weasel.
So, no time to post today, but if you didn't see the NYTimes, (sorry, will add link later) do not miss the cover story about how the Army commissioned, then suppressed, a detailed study of the planning for postwar Iraq, prepared by the Rand Corporation in 2005.
"But the study's wide-ranging critique of the White House, the Defense Department and other govenment agencies was a concern for army generals, and the Army has sought to keep the report under lock and key."

This is not a classified document, it's a condemning document, of everyone from George Bush to Condoleeza Rice to Colin Powell to Gen. Tommy Franks but most directly it condemns Donald Rumsfeld. And it was fear of how Rummy would react that partially contributed to the Army's decision to keep it under wraps.
Rummy, either at his home on Maryland's eastern shore, or skiing at Vail or Aspen or wherever it is he poisons the earth, was not available for comment.
In the hardcopy of the Times, the story jumps to page A8, where it shares ink with this story: Bombing Kills 23 in Iraq as Defense Secretary Visits.
Just when you think your boggled mind can't be boggled anymore, something like this turns up. Not in our local paper, of course, where we've got more -- important things to cover like "New TV shows still months off." I am not joking. That's today's headline in the new Strib.
Why we're not seeing Rummy and Cheney and their cowardly craven fellow perps in the docket, is a mystery to me. Okay, incompetence is not a crime, but covering-up reports that detail the incompetence and arrogance that led to the deadly quagmire of Iraq is. At least in my opinion.

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