Hillary's no Helmsley

January 30, 2008 by susan
Rove's Kool Aid

Rumor mill saying that Obama offered Edwards AG post in exchange for his support. Fine by me.
But lest we jump too far ahead . . .
Read Tom Hayden on HuffPost about why he supports Obama. He does it without bashing Hillary, and I wish the rest of the left would follow his lead.
There are specific things to call her out on, yes, but feels to me like the Repubs must be just creaming their -- cupcakes with all of us spewing out their hate-filled manufactured lines for them. When lefties gleefully send me WSJ editorials saying, "The Dems finally see what we've known about the Clintons all along . . ." it feels like we're all slurping Rove's KoolAid now.

Puhleez, can we recall who the REAL villians are in our political lives? The long string of slime balls like Dick Armey and Trent Lott and Tom DeLay and Dr. Diagnosis-by-TV Bill Frist and Duke Cunningham and Sen. FamilyValues Vitter and on and on. Oh yeah, don't forget the big cheeses at the top, and Rummy and all the ineptitude and idiocy and sheer mean-spirited "in-it-for-me" greed of these people who have ruthlessly pillaged America and left the middle class, not government, drowning in the bathtub of debt.
If the Clintons really wanted that sort of wealth and power they could have made a bundle (more) in Arkansas real estate (god knows how, 'cause you ever been to Arkansas?) but there were plenty of opportunities for them to join the Enrons and Halliburtons or manage hedge funds, but I think they honestly went into public service because they were inspired by the idealism of the times, yes, by JFK.
So they are now yesterday's flavor and shop-worn and flawed people with complicated lives, and yes it's hard to watch them lately, but I find them more sad than hateful.
And just like I love to hear George Will and other right wing "thinkers" say withering things about John McCain, I'm sure Karl Rove dances a little jig when he sees that the party of Bill is now a party of autophagic (yeah, self-eating) Clinton haters.
C'mon, can't we do better than this? As Hayden says, the focus has to be on November. Can you really picture John "I-love-a-war" McCain with his hand on that bible, and in his Mr. Rogers voice, swearing to John Roberts that he'll support what's left of the Constitution by taking us deeper into Iraq? Imagine his cabinet, imagine his Supreme Court. I'm unwavering in my support for Barack, but no one wins, literally, when we treat Hillary as if she's Leona Helmsley's doppelganger.

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MLS (not verified) | January 30, 2008 - 8:12pm

As extremely disappointed as I am re the withdrawal of John Edwards as a presidential candidate, I promise not to bash anyone except the opposing party. Democrats must stand united in order to win in November. Let Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama argue their differences. Our responsibility is to select one of the two. I want to be able to toast the occasion when it comes November and that will only be if a Democratic
candidate is in office.
As John Edwards stated "We have an American house to rebuild."
We are all needed to help rebuild that house.


Anonymous (not verified) | January 31, 2008 - 8:19am

Your essay in the 1/31 Strib: "She (Molly Ivins) would have donned a hazmat suit to deal with the hydra-like beast called Billary that clawed its way to defeat in South Carolina". My, my. I can't see where demonizing is helpful?


kathieinMN (not verified) | January 31, 2008 - 6:30pm

Thank you, Susan, for your article in the Strib!!! as a result, i have found your blog and happily reading it! Molly's death was a real los to us all - thank you for bringing her into the analysis of what we are dealing with!


kathieinMN (not verified) | January 31, 2008 - 6:33pm

Umm - correction from last message - "loss" not "los". Sorry - preview is my friend . . . (-: