Ah, John, some of us hate to see you go

January 30, 2008 by barbara

barbara says

John Edwards will withdraw from the presidential race today. Reportedly it will happen in New Orleans, where he announced his candidacy. The media and the pollsters and the Clinton machine have won. America has lost. Elizabeth will be disconsolate, but I am guessing that her illness is part of the equation. You'll be hearing about this all day, everywhere. Just felt obliged to play taps for my man's candidacy.

Read on to see what one Obama supporter has to say about Edwards' withdrawal.

I was schmoozing with folks at Firedoglake this morning. Most of us were lamenting the departure of John Edwards from the race, and we were/are feeling mighty sad about it.

A commenter named Mike wrote the following:

I’m an Obama supporter, so this is hard to say. John Edwards, in my opinion, won every debate. I can’t understand how he could never seem to gain any traction. Even though he isn’t my guy this is kind of spirit crushing. Everyone on the boards here know how hard the Clinton/Obama people attack each other. It gets fucking ugly! The Edwards folks, always passionate, never seem to draw their guns. All of Edward’s supporters should be extremely proud of the way they conduct themselves on this site. You are a class act, as was your candidate. John Edwards was, and is, a truly honorable man. I’ll miss him!

What a classy guy. I wrote to thank him for his compassionate outreach. It means a lot to me and others who've supported Edwards.

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susan | January 30, 2008 - 10:14am

Well, the Clinton machine has not yet won. Super Tuesday will likely tell that tale. And you know I support Obama, but each time one of our side has dropped out I've been sorry to see them go. Can't recall another year like that. Dodd, Biden, Richardson -- all light years beyond the usual candidates.
I was at an Obama fundraiser last nght, and when I heard of the "electric" Edwards rally I had a pang of "Oh, am I backing the right guy?" (Obama wasn't at our FR, but Tom Daschle was, and Tom's a swell human being and very articulate and bright, but electric he ain't.)
So I'm sorry too, Barb. Don't know why his candidacy never fully took hold. He deserves better from America than this sort of rejection, which is how it must feel. You bust your butt to lay out your message, and stretch your family and carry on despite what has to be a draining cancer battle and America sniffs and turns away. I don't know if there's a consolation prize in this sort of race, other than the sudden serenity of just not having to show up, but I hope he wins a big one.
I'm sorry. If things had gone differently and he'd won the nomination, I'd have happily supported him. I think I once wrote here that he was the real way forward, that maybe both Barack and Hillary were too divisive due to their cultural and gender baggage (and in Hillary's case, Bill, and the other stuff she seems to attract) and that Edwards could be the one to win it for us. Which is all that matters to me in the end. This ain't no vanity campaign. Who can beat weasel McCain or any of the Repubs in November? I don't know. And there remains that Bloomberg factor . . .


barbara says (not verified) | January 30, 2008 - 10:40am

I don't think the Clinton machine can bring Obama down (UPDATE: at least, not right away). They're off balance and can't seem to regain footing. And if the pundits are right (bwahahahahaha!) re the possibility of Edwards and/or Gore endorsing Obama, Billary is going to have one heckuva time recovering. At which point, they take off the gloves for real and ugliness maximus will rule the day. What's that you say? How is that different from now? Oh, I'm thinking we ain't see nothin' yet in the ugliness war.