January 26, 2008 by susan
Obama speaking

Well, take that, newspaper of record. So much for the NYTimes' endorsement of Hillary, at least as it played out in S. Carolina. Then again, the NYTimes probably has as much clout in Scar-y-lina as the Clotheslineblog does in NYC. Or in Minneapolis. Or on my block . . .
That Obama won is no surprise, but the margin of his victory, well, wow. He gave Hillary a thumpin' as he would say, and that was more than just black voters turning out. He won over 50% of the white voters under 29, totally unexpected.

Gotta wonder, what was the Oprah effect? What was the Bill effect? I'm not even a Clinton hater, but I think Bill has overstepped. And instead of hearing from Hillary after the defeat, we heard from Bill in Missouri, congratulating Obama. (And referring to his "post-political life." Right.) Well, plenty of jabbering on CNN, they can figure that out. And Donna Brazille says this isn't about race, it's about young v. old. It's generational. And Kennedy-esque -- complete with an endorsement in tomorrow's Times by Caroline Kennedy

I love seeing Obama win, but I'm not sanguine about our chances in November with either candidate. Oops, he's on stage now in Columbia, SC. Here comes a speech, I'm outta here. More on November, and a McCain/Pawlenty ticket, later.

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