The Hunk vs. the Huck?

December 12, 2007 by susan
Obama in front of capitol

Nailed it again, Babs. (see below.)
But I'm full steam ahead with Obama, because at some point you just have to make that leap.(And I just read that he's now within one point of Hillary in NH.) And even as I write that my stomach flops, because I fear a horrible ending to that race, and I don't mean defeat for the Dems. Let's just consider a Huckabee/Obama match-up, and folks, it could just come to that.

Huckabee's lost one hundred pounds, putting him right there in a league with Oprah, who surely has lost and found a similiar amount over the years, and judging from the covers of tabloids at the checkout counter, Americans are divided in their fascination between Brittney's devil spawn and fat. Who's lost it and who's gained it and how you can peel off 42 lbs. by the holidays. (Bonus CLB tip: Eat less, walk more.)

So that's a plus for Huck, going one on one with Oprah on the fat front.
Yes, I'd like to read more of this incredible drivel.

Another for Huck is that he's personable. He won points with me in the CNN -YouTube episode of Survivor by sticking up for the children of illegal immigrants as Rudy and Mitt duked it out over who could be a meaner-assed snarling dog when it comes to immigrants.

Never mind that he views the world through the goggles of a cave man and wants to quarantine AIDS folks and believes that God dictated every word of the bible and best thou and thy nation follow it or here comes terror attack #2. Not to make light of a pending attack. I'm tending to think it's inevitable, and Shrub cutting funding for security measures like port security probably won't help. But if Oswami binLaden is as canny as he seems, he'll deliver it at some point before 2008 election, handing the presidency to the most militaristic saber-rattling candidate in the race, thus continuing America's slide from most loved nation to most loathed.
Anyway, if the race comes down to the Huck vs. the Hunk (sorry) I think the Hunk would win in a landslide -- if we were a nation of thinking and informed people and not -- well, you know.

But because we are the -- well, you-know sort of nation, I worry about the venal head of racism striking back with a killer's rage. My heart can't bear, but my head knows it's real. People of my generation have a sort of post-traumatic stress disorder when it comes to backing idealistic leaders. I know, enough about us and our special place in the world, but surely it marked us to see our president, his brother, and MLK, the embodiment of non-violence and justice, snufffed from our lives just as we were forming our vision of how the world could be.
But for now, I'm on the Obama bandwagon big time. Perfect candidate? Well, that's a little like waiting for the perfect apple in the organic orchard. The skin may look a little different, and there may be some flaws, but you know it has flavor and quality and that it's the real deal.

ps. A note to AG Michael Mukasey about waterboarding. Still can't decide if it's torture? Solution. Try it out. Cheney and Shrub too. Hey, it's a TV show. Cheney, Shrub, Mukasey and any of the the candidates who can't decide about waterboarding can line up as if for a debate, let the boarding begin, and hit a button when they've had enough and made up their minds. Wolf Blitzer can moderate, with input from Nancy Grace on the legalities of it all.

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barbara says (not verified) | December 13, 2007 - 9:32am

Okay. I'm loving the Waterboard Idol show. I can really get into that concept. But where it differs from the show that spawned it (speaking of spawn) is that the contestants would be drafted, yea verily, subpoenaed onto the show. There would be no such thing as declining to appear. No. Appearing is mandatory.

Contestants will be waterboarded simultaneously. Last one to beg for mercy wins, kinda, sorta. Now begging for mercy may be difficult, because my new understanding of waterboarding is that it actually is about drowning, not just near-drowning. Yes, America! We drown people and then resuscitate them (well, most of the time, far as we know).

But this is about more than subjecting the usual suspects to televised torture. What's the point if people can't bear to watch it? So in the best tradition of "1984," Bob Barker will be trotted out of retirement to smile at the contestants, saying, "Come on down!"

"Waterboard Idol" will be aired on every television in America, whether it is on or off. Channel changing will not be possible. Volume will be high.

Picture the rows and rows of small and large screen TVs at Best Buy or Target, all tuned to "Waterboard Idol" while "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" is piped over the store sound system.

Macabre? Yeah, pretty much. It's who we're becoming. Or have become.


paul miller (not verified) | December 13, 2007 - 2:47pm

there was a movie where Mel Gibson's character was waterboarded - also starring Julia Roberts, it has to be from almost 20 years ago, methinks the CIA has been waterboarding for a long time it's just that "Big Time" made it into a hit again when he said it was time to go to the dark side - think of the NeoCons as a cover band that is "singing" songs originally written during the inquistion, it's interesting that the chicken hawks are the most pro-torture


perhansa (not verified) | December 13, 2007 - 9:20pm

If the report is true that several members of Congress knew what they were up to and didn't have the courage, decency, or morals to object than we can't just blame the NeoCons. And let's not forget the rampant bloodlust running throughout much of the country after 9/11. It took real guts to say, "let's be civilized and not forget what we stand for...". Obviously, not enough of our leaders did, nor the imbedded MSM who was sucking up to the MIC (Military Industiral Complex) big time.

I got a chance to listen to some of the Republican faux-debate replayed on MPR in the car today--what a bunch of scary characters--the lot of them. It's clear that there are only four planks in the Republican platform: 1) If you don't believe in our God you don't belong; 2) you should be VERY AFRAID (of terrorists and immigrants); 3) Taxes of any kind are bad; 4) everyone should prostrate themselves before the twin gods of the Military Industrial Complex and the Free Market.

I tought their God was almighty--why so much fear? How is it they claim to be so devoted to the all-powerful Christian god but then peddle nothing but boot-shaking, pants-pissing fear? How is they claim to worhsip a jealous god whose first commandment is thou shalt have no other god before me and then slovenly worship and idolize the Free Market? Since when did Christianity and the teachings of Jesus morph into insane promotion of and reliance on the MIC? Listening to them trying to outdo each other about how AFRAID we should be and how NASTY tough they would be if they were President, they sounded like they all suffered from severe paranoia or were a bunch of big-talking school yard boys trying to best each other in who can talk and act toughest. I would be VERY afraid if any one of them became leader of this country...they must have all injected testosterone before the debate.


susan | December 14, 2007 - 12:39am

Testosterone? I know it makes you manly, randy and buff, but does it make you stupid? Nah, I think they were injected with mad cow disease, and their brains went spongy and then into little shriveled walnuts. Okay, maybe it was steroids or human growth hormone to swell their biceps and balls and make 'em mean and menacing. But what are they on that gives them all the Jesus talk? What's going on in this country? The Huckster, now numero uno in Iowa and ostensibly a good ole boy on the stump, believes women should submit to their husbands -- and people with AIDs should be quarantined. And he's a Creationist and biblical literallist. We're heading into the dark ages folks.

Thinking today about the horrible timing of the 9/11 attacks in terms of who was president. Not only was it magnified by the president being of little mind and little learning, but by his religious bent. Because Osama had some specific points to make when he decided to get our attention in an unspeakably cruel and horrifying way and they weren't about religion. They were about troops in Saudi Arabia and other political gripes. But Bush and the neo's saw it as the launching of a holy war. Didn't Bush call our response a "crusade" in those early days, until he got told to tone it down?
Poppy Bush wasn't my favorite guy, but I doubt he'd have taken the same tone. He might have smacked back with a powerful wallop, but he wouldn't have gotten into the my god (good) over your god (evil) talk.
It's hard to imagine anyone responding in a worse way to that horrible day than incurious George, but to my amazement, the Repubs have come up with a slew of close contenders. But here's hoping we'll never find out.


barbara says (not verified) | December 14, 2007 - 8:07am

I mentioned somewhere recently the matter of Pelosi and ??? (now I can't remember who it was) who glossed over the torture business several years ago, I was smacked down with a two-part response: (1) It was close to 9/11 and people were very scared and off-center, so cut them some slack; and (2) don't be blaming two Dems for burgeoning torture. Hmmm. Whatever happened to integrity, I wonder? What ever happened to principles? Hell, whatever happened to the Geneva Conventions? Seems they've gone missing along with genormous chunks of the Constitution.

"I tought their God was almighty--why so much fear? How is it they claim to be so devoted to the all-powerful Christian god but then peddle nothing but boot-shaking, pants-pissing fear?" asks Perhansa.

This is a great question. Why, indeed? Someone with national visibility needs to take this question and run with it. Old Testament God (and BTW, I just read that the White House's Christmas card, paid for by the Republican National Committee, has a Bible verse [!] from Nehemiah out of the good book's OT) was the God of wrath and anger and fear. My best recollection is that with the coming of Jesus, there was a paradigm shift to a God of love and forgiveness, justice and mercy, compassion and fatherliness. You know. The Sermon on the Mount thingie.

Neocon radical right religious folks are spinning everything, including the scripture they claim to embrace.

That said, then what?


paul miller (not verified) | December 14, 2007 - 8:41am

the Nazi's used religion, too, I think Jim Wallis and Chris Hedges have taken on the question that Barbara refers to but its not something Hil and OB will touch because Bob Shrum doesn't think it will play in Peoria, at least Hil seemed contrite about the attack on Obama re: his former drug use


barbara says (not verified) | December 14, 2007 - 12:15pm

Good news! I have an aunt and uncle living in Peoria! I'll check it out! Bad news. I think they're Republicans. So if two people in one household are Republicans, does that make it a double-blind test?


perhansa (not verified) | December 15, 2007 - 1:12am

I had a chance to hear much of the Democratic debate replayed today on NPR and I have to say Susan is correct when she says, no matter how disappointed we may be with the lack of progress, integrity, courage, etc. they've shown of late, there is clearly a HUGE difference between the two parties--night and day. And it became oh-so-clear to me which is closest to my values and thinking. It will make a HUGE difference who wins the White House next year. If it's one of the current batch of Republicans I think I may have to move to Finland or Norway because we'll have to hang a sign with Dante's famous quote on the Statue of Liberty: "Abandon hope all ye who enter here."

Now, the Dems talked tough about a lot of things, including BIG BUSINESS. Do they have the spine to stand up to the bullies who contribute to their campaigns and their trip to Washington? Can they resist the money and the special interests any better than their colleagues across the aisle? That remains to be seen. One day Hillary says we can't pull the troops out for some time, yesterday she told Iowans the first thing she'd do is end the war. Which is it? She said she was about action, let's see some. Barack needs to offer more than hope and Oprah. Change wil be painful and so far no one wants to step up to it on either side. Even when our survival and the state of our planet hangs on what we do in the next 5 - 7 years. A Democratic President won't make any difference without majorities in the House and Senate. I'm convinced this may be the most important election since Lincoln.

As for the God stuff, I think the Bible warned about "false profits", oops, prophets, who pray in public to be seen and parade their faith to convince others of their holiness. I think it said to pay attention to their deeds. Hmmm. War. Corruption. Fear. Lies. Deceit. Hubris. Planetary rape. Intolerance. Narrow mindedness. Deliberate ignorance. F*** the poor, the widowed, the orphans, the needy. I don't see them giving a coat to their neighbor who has none. Jesus in a Hummer kicking ass--that's the fundamentalist hero. None of that pansy ass beatitudes stuff. Meek and mild. Suffer the little children. Judge not lest you be judged. We must have read the wrong NT. Their Jesus is a God Bless America-counterisurgent-indesert-fatigues with stealy eyes, multiple an assault weapons, three days beard growth, and a cigarette dangling from parched lips, and says f*** more than hail mary. And he hates Arabs and Muslims and preening Hollywood liberals and queers.

Holy Mother of no God. It's not the terrorists we should be afraid of...How come there's no GI Buddha?


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