Which candidate didn't get the dark suit memo?

December 11, 2007 by barbara

barbara writes

Lately, when I’m not obsessing about how to manage David’s cancer, my focus returns to politics. Turns out there’s not much difference. Cancer is an insidious, opportunistic, sometimes lethal growth in the human body. BushCo is an insidious, opportunistic, sometimes lethal growth in the body politic. Both generate no small measure of uncertainty and fear. And no one knows for sure how to reverse the damage in either case.

Politically speaking, what’s at issue is that we must choose from the passel of Dem pols the one who is best suited to follow in the wake of what is arguably the most destructive administration in our country’s history. The man who is elected to do that (sorry, Hillary) must exorcise and also heal all three branches of the United States government and their attendant agencies. He must inspire and earn the trust of Americans. And then he must set about winning back our allies and our standing in the world community. No small tasks there.

And here’s the real kicker. He must launch all of that the moment he’s elected and ramp it up the day the White House door slams on George W. Bush’s faux-patrician tush for the last time. (Note to self: Envision that. Hold the thought. Oh, yeah, baby!) Read some more--it's good for you.

The burning question, then? Who is equal to this task? Who can do the vision thing, lead, inspire trust and confidence, and disinfect simultaneously? The answer? Beats the hell out of me. So if you’re looking for certainty, best you read George Will.

For a long time, I’ve hoped that Al Gore would enter the presidential fray. I have zero doubt that Gore would be an exceptional president, particularly well-suited to this chaotic, dangerous time – the legacy of BushCo.

Reluctantly, I’m beginning to accept that this just isn’t going to happen. There’s no room for the presidential seal on Gore’s mantel, among his recently acquired trophies. He’s doing what he loves. He’s making a difference. And he’s preserving his sanity, which can’t be said for anyone currently trying to snag the Oval Office.

So now I’ve got a problem. I’m finally forced to actually look at the Democratic candidates. I have to start thinking about them as something more than a bizarre sideshow. In short, I must un-suspend my disbelief. I must figure out who among them I could even marginally trust to lead our country out of the wreckage of Bush’s reckless reign. I just reviewed the names again. Listened to Oprah’s speech, even though I am totally ambivalent about her. Read the 8,000th email from John Edwards.

I suppose it could be worse. Much worse. I could be a Republican. And really folks, think about that. For starters, consider these two butt-of-endless-jokes words: President Huckabee. Crikey! Is that a proper name for the leader of the free world? For history books down the ages? On the strength of that alone, one must vote Democratic. Which brings me full circle to where this piece began.

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