Hillary, Part 2.

November 30, 2007 by susan
Hillary face, Tv screen

Breaking: As I finished writing this, my news screen filled with the story of a bomber taking two hostages in Clinton's NH campaign office. She's cancelled her speech to the DNC, and Obama closed his NH office as a precaution. Drudge report will probably suggest that she staged it.
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A few days ago I wrote about the Zogby poll showing that Hillary Clinton would lose to any of the Republican presidential nominees. Okay, that poll was taken before the shameful display the Repubs put on in their last "debate" and maybe things have changed. (And by the way, could we please stop demeaning the art of debate by calling these media shams what they are? Why don't we just call it American President and let J-lo and Simon Cowell vote them off the show?)

But "anonymous" wrote the following comment:

I'm trying to get over this here, that Hillary Clinton should take one for the team. No one else, just Hillary Clinton, sometimes known as Senator Clinton. We haven't seen a Folk Devil this hated since FDR.
It does seem to get down to a horse race, doesn't it? Isn't this why we have so much trouble with the MSM, that it/they can't seem to get to issues, only the score?

My response:

Yes indeedy. I agree that it's unfair that Hillary should take one for the team. In 2004 I ran to be a delegate to the national Democratic convention, but in the finals, when I saw that there were a lot of people more qualified than I, I withdrew, saying I'd be back in 2008, running as a delegate for Hillary. So I fully expected to be leading the charge for her in this election. What happened?
Well, I think most people know the drill. The almost mechanically driven performance, the backing away from a firm stance on almost anything but especially Iraq, the sense that the real person -- who as I said in the earlier post I like and respect -- has been packaged away and put into a blind trust along with her other assets. Those things are hers to claim.
But history has dealt her the harsh blow of Bill's legacy (the personal not the political, as he left office with a 60+ approval rating, and frankly I'd bring him back in a heartbeat.) and the Rove-inspired Clinton smear machine. It's the neo-cons who created this folk devil, and the media who let them get away with it.

Still, here we are with a slumbering Fox TV-informed public (exhibit A, the You Tube questions to the Repub candidates the other night.) and they buy into this Hillary hatred big time, and I don't think any of us can bear an entire election cycle of their abuse -- not to mention four years if she wins.

Although who are we kidding? They'll smear whomever the Dems put forth. And ironically, Hillary might be the only one seasoned enough to fight back. Remember Bill blasting Chris Wallace on Fox?
So, when I say she needs to get out of the way, I say it not so much as a criticism of her -- though she does give us much to criticize -- but with a weary sadness at the state of politics in America.

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Pat G (not verified) | December 1, 2007 - 3:23pm

I know of no polls conducted a year before the election that had any actualy bearing on the general election. All Hilary needs to do is finish second in NH and Iowa, then she'll mop up on Super Tuesday. Kind of sad to see things get decided so early. I recall going to my aunt's house in Souix City Iowa in the summer of 1972. We watched the DNC with excitement as each state read off its delegate totals. Would it be Humphrey or McGovern? We didn't know for sure until the end. Now the conventions are nothing more than an infomercial, most of which the networks no longer carry.
Why do people love ignorance?


barbara says (not verified) | December 1, 2007 - 4:17pm

Concerning 'mop(ping) up on Super Tuesday':

There is this instant gratification thingie that seems to underlie just about everything in this country right now. And yes, I know that sounds like an old fart lament. Actually, it is.

In video/TV/cell/IPod/text messaging/quick, quick, quick land, it seems there is no place for substance. Dealing with substance takes too long for most Americans. It requires the ability to unitask, to listen, to process and then to make an informed decision to care or not care.

I don't give a stale Twinkie whether the POTUS is buddy material. How the hell did we get to that place? Oh, yeah. Brewskies with Junior.

Al Gore committed political suicide by letting his handlers position him. Of course, one could argue that Howard Dean did likewise by refusing to be handled, so to speak.

Hillary? Whatever. I don't think she can possibly win. Which is a mighty sad commentary, given the ReShrublicans on the runway.

I'm rather partial to Susan's idea of modeling the election after American Idol. Sure is what it resembles, even from my seriously-at-a-remove vantage place. It has all gotten so...silly!

I just realize I have no point to make here. Bye.


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