Zogby Poll: Hillary a Loser for Dems

November 28, 2007 by susan
Hillary Clinton, gesturing

General election match-ups show the New York Senator would lose against every top Republican

Unlike many of my lefty-leaning pals, I've harbored a bit of a soft spot for Hillary. I met her a few times back in the day, and found her much warmer and more appealing than her public image. She shone with intelligence, but also had a self-deprecating humor, and a great laugh. And I'd like America to join the civilized world and elect a woman president.
That said, what I'd really like is for Hillary to drop out of the race. I'd like her to put her country ahead of her ambition. I'd like her to acknowledge that her candidacy will thrust the nation into even more divisive hell. I'd like her to recognize that there are many other ways she can serve the nation. See Bill. See Al Gore. And yeah, I'd like a unicorn for Christmas.

The latest Zogby poll has already thrust me into hell. I know, glass half full or half empty, and with this much manure there has to be a pony somewhere. But I can't help get the sinking feeling that the Dems, having put forth one of the best presidential candidate line-ups in years, is fully capable of letting this one get away. And to one of the worst Republican line-ups in years.

The news, on the surface, is good for Obama and Edwards and not-so-good for Clinton. But dig deeper, and oh lordy. With our compliant press fanning the flames of Hillary's inevitably, she could possibly lock up the nomination before most of us have even had a chance to vote.
And don't even think about which Republican goon's gonna lock things up. Fred Thompson, reviving his campaign by declaring himself in "paradise" while visiting a gun shop? Rudy noun-verb-9/11? Or vacuous Mitt Romney, whose appeal seems to be his plastic good looks and that of his shampoo-ad family, and oh yeah, something to do with the olympics.

This from Zogby.

UTICA, New York – A new Zogby Interactive survey shows Democrat Hillary Clinton of New York would lose to every one of the top five Republican presidential contenders, representing a reversal of fortune for the national Democratic front–runner who had led against all prospective GOP opponents earlier this year.

Meanwhile, fellow Democrats Barack Obama of Illinois and John Edwards of North Carolina would defeat every one of the Republicans, this latest survey shows.

Go there, view the charts for yourselves. But, as of 11/26/07 McCain would beat Clinton 42% to 38%. Giulliani 43% to 40%. Romney 43% to 40%. Huckabee 44% to 39%. Thompson 44% to 40%.
The numbers for Obama are practically reversed. Obama would beat McCain 45% to 38%. He'd beat Giuliani 46% to 41%. Romney, 46% to 40%. Huckabee, 46% to 40%. Thompson, 47% to 40%.
Edwards also polls ahead of all Republicans, but not by as much.

Well we can sit by and let Hillary cruise to the nomination. Or we can get down to Iowa and get to work. And hope for that unicorn.

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Anonymous (not verified) | November 30, 2007 - 8:44am

I'm trying to get over this here, that Hillary Clinton should take one for the team. No one else, just Hillary Clinton, sometimes known as Senator Clinton. We haven't seen a Folk Devil this hated since FDR.
It does seem to get down to a horse race, doesn't it? Isn't this why we have so much trouble with the MSM, that it/they can't seem to get to issues, only the score?