Saturday ramblings: Chaos revisited

November 10, 2007 by barbara

barbara writes

Hi, everyone. All three of you at this point, I suspect. Full disclosure: I’ve been a maxi-slacker. And just so you know? I’m missing the Clothesline more than you can imagine. “Well, then, why don’t you DO something about that?” I hear you ask. Okay, okay. Working on it.

You know that thing where you connect with an old friend after a long separation? How you can pick up where you left off? Sadly, that’s pretty much the situation here with local and national issues.

People are still dying in droves in Iraq. But Junior assures us that Iraqis are lovin’ their freedom. Afghanistan continues to struggle to right itself in our wake and we’re dying there, too. Six more Americans yesterday. And Pakistan? Oy! Send in the body bags. More stuff follows.

George W. Bush is still America’s incompetent, judgment-impaired and monumentally unpopular president. (See? I have been paying attention.) George the father pops up periodically to tearfully defend his spawn. Democrats continue to cave to BushCo’s agenda (think Feinstein and Schumer in particular). We have a new AG who thinks water-boarding is a frat prank. The U.S. economy is being water-boarded, preparatory to tanking altogether. Recession is imminent. No, it’s not. Recession will bring us down. No, it won’t. What we really need is a good recession. Or not.

Presidential candidates bitch-slap each other with increasing frequency and intensity. Dirty tricks and smear-a-thons abound. Oprah’s endorsement of Obama meant diddley-squat. Poster-boy for right wing extremism, Pat Robertson, endorsed the cadaverous and opportunistic Rudy Giuliani. Fred Thompson and John McCain are aging faster than blocks of stinky cheese well beyond their expiration dates. Al Gore is more or less MIA and Michael Bloomberg lurks independently. My man, Stephen Colbert, was shot down by South Carolina Democrats. And who the heck is Ron Paul?

So then. Extreme politics. Unending occupation of Iraq. Pending unilateral war on Iran. (Can Iceland and the Ireland be far behind?) War on children and health care. War on the environment (global warming is still an iffy concept, dontcha know?!). Failing economy. A succession of lethal products imported from China.

So what’s new? Norman Mailer is dead. Robert Redford’s movie is getting rave rebukes. The Minnesota Gopher women won their basketball opener. Tomorrow, the Vikings will defeat the Packers at Lambeau Field. (Drinking coffee, smoking nothing, but thanks for asking.) [UPDATE: Fine, then. So Green Bay had a few lucky breaks . . .]

Last night, at the very end of a long night of dreaming, I dreamed I walked back into a room I’d just left (great metaphor). And I said to the people there, “I just don’t know what to do about this.” This referred to the political situation, I guess. I was speaking very softly, and for whatever reason, the people in the room (none of whom I recognized) listened respectfully. I spoke of my terrible fear of another four years of Republican rule. I begged the people to help me figure out what we should do. I was very scared in the dream. And just as someone was about to respond to me, I woke up.

There are no easy answers, are there? Which is pretty much where I left off the last time I posted. I am still afraid. I am still tired of being let down by Democrats. I am still fearful of the future, and that transcends my personal life. What are y’all doing these days? Anyone got a strategy for managing current mayhem and then unseating Republicans in massive numbers next year? Just askin’.

(David update: He’ll spend time “being seen” at Mayo Clinic this coming week. Out of which should come questions, answers, direction. Taking way too long.)

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MLS (not verified) | November 10, 2007 - 1:40pm

Today's chaos in our country and around the world reminds me of the fire ants (red ants) I discovered in our front yard in
Florida this morning. At first sight they appear chaotic. However, looks can be deceiving for these armies of ants have a responsibility and they do it. We humans beings have a responsibility too but unfortunately somewhere along life's path many of us stumble and are led astray. We hear but never listen, we see but never look, and we speak but never think. George and company have taken advantage of this
human characteristic. Like the red ants, we need to form our own, for lack of a better word, army.


barbara aka babs (not verified) | November 10, 2007 - 1:58pm

Here's the question that keeps returning and for which I can't seem to find answer(s). It's not necessarily a theological question, though I won't rule that out, at least in part. But where do we turn for hope? That is, where do Democrats/progressives turn for hope? In whom do we trust? Really trust. (Yes, I know what coin of the realm says about that.)


Anonymous (not verified) | November 10, 2007 - 9:04pm

Nice writing, Ms. Barbara, nice noticing, even while unbelievably distracted. Thanks.


susan | November 11, 2007 - 12:04am

Amen, nice to have your voice back. I can't seem to find mine -- and no immediate distraction for an excuse. Well, comparatively. It's pretty clear that without Ms. Barbara there wouldn't be a clothesline. So yes, thanks.


B (not verified) | November 11, 2007 - 7:57pm

Without Barbara, there wouldn't be many things. Thank goodness she has crossed paths with my family.
May your treks to Mayo prove to be productive. Remember, as questions are answered, more questions are generated. Trek carefully knowing that we are all in this battle together!!


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