Debate Anyone? Who's on First?

October 31, 2007 by susan
pensive chimp

I was busy wrangling my demons into shape for tonight's annual outing and missed the Democrats' debate last night. This morning my in-box is full of various candidates' clips of their best moments. And I must say that John Edwards' moment is impressive.
Anyone have any thoughts on this? Anyone watch it?

Will anyone be awake for the election at the rate we're going? Or is it an indication of how much we want to put the Bush years behind us that the campaign started mid-way through his second reign and all the primaries keep being moved up?
Well, 446 more nightmare-scary days, no matter which state leapfrongs to be the first to vote. Let's just hope there aren't more.
(But there's MORE below so read on.)

The comment line is open for anyone's thoughts on who impressed you, or didn't, last night. The only thing I'm not interested in hearing is how the whole lot of them is just as bad as the Repugs, cause A.) they're not and B.) I don't know about you but I'm planning on voting for one of them. I mean, Rudy Giulliani? Ralph Nader to the "rescue"? No thanks. And yeah, I know that the whole system is obscene and that until we have true campaign finance reform, ie., break the fornication going on between bidness and politics, we're just running in a big gerbil wheel. But despite bouts of despair, I'm fool enough to still think if we elect the right people, we'll get that reform. (Smack smack, wake up girl!)

But frankly, I'd vote for Chumpy the Chimp if he were able to speak in complete sentences and I knew he could beat the bedroom peepin' science hatin' goons on the other side. (I had to add that bit about speaking in sentences to distinguish him from the current occupant.) And people love chimips. Think what it would do for our world image.

Well, tell us your thoughts. Barb and I are in a slump.

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MLS (not verified) | October 31, 2007 - 7:51pm

I want a candidate who would stand an excellent chance of defeating the Republican candidate. I want a candidate that can stand up to the financial chaos, and deceit that has been leading our country astray. Dennis Kucinich would be my first choice. Sadly and unfortunately, Kucinich is ignored and ridiculed by the media. He's the small man, with meaningful ideas, but who receives little recognition, hence, little support and that is discouraging. So on to my next preference, John Edwards. Edwards is experienced in fighting the Republicans, propaganda and the media. He has fought corporate America and won. Difference now is Edwards is fighting in the political field as opposed to in the court room but he's good at both. He has some Republicans worried so they brilliantly (ha) diverted people's attention by scandalizing the cost of a hair cut as opposed to the cost of the war in Iraq? More of that to come from the Repub's I'm sure.
As for Chumpy the Chimp... he could at least get some of those "swing"votes. Maybe V.P.???


barbara aka babs (not verified) | October 31, 2007 - 9:49pm

I'm with you on the Edwards bandwagon. Sort of and somewhat reluctantly. But he's the best of an otherwise sorry lot. Tomorrow, I will reveal my real pick. No, not who you're thinking. Stand by.


Poet (not verified) | October 31, 2007 - 11:28pm

I am tired of politics, tired of bashing incumbents, their prospective replacements, and the contrived farcical charades known as "debates". I am tired of condescendig pundits asking smirking questions trying to embarass or show up candidates and the measure of "who won" is the person who can do the best variation of "lala, lala, lala,, lala, I can't hear a thing" as their non-sequitar answer.

I cannot see how forbidding any campaigning earlier than 30 days before the proposed party conventions and then letting anybody casting a ballot in the general election have the option to check off "none of the above" for each race as an affirmative repudiation of both of the major parties' candidate selections for any race instead of having write ins could be any worse than the present system.

Oh yeah, along with the "none of the above" option would be the requirement that anyone who did not achieve a plurality of all voters casting ballots could not be elected to the office for wihch they ran even if they got the most votes in a precinct or state-wide. Power to the people!


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