Duncan Hunter: Seeing Red in So Cal

October 23, 2007 by susan
malibu fire scene

I have a life-long best friend who lives in Topanga, CA, a stone's throw from Malibu and the firestorm. Her house has been used as a base in these fires in the past, and I once woke up to hearing her being interviewed on NPR by Renee Montaigne. Last night she staffed an evacuation hotline for six hours. And I have a son in LA and many friends in Santa Monica. So CNN flickers on and off in my kitchen.
CNN has a little logo in the lower corner promoting a show they're running tonight called Planet in Peril -- a show about global warming and the destruction of -- everything. It's a nice juxtaposition.

But the topper is seeing the excremental Rep. Duncan Hunter, calling on President Bush -- a "forward-thinking sort of guy" -- to send in the National Guard. But wait, don't we hate the gummint and the taxes that support it? And isn't the scariest thing anyone can hear is "I'm from the government and I'm here to help?"

Oh, no sorry, seems that's only when the table's tilted the other way. Now that it's my house burning, bring in the feds. And where was that forward-thinking Bush guy when New Orleans was drowning?

Well, it's different. Fence-buildin', alien-deportin' president-wannabe Hunter tells us that the people of San Diego have "a lot of character." "We're used to having to sacrifice" he says. "We send the marines out from here to fight for freedom throughout the world."
Ah. Got it. Those poor black folks in Loosiana aren't used to sacrifice. And it's true, the military doesn't use the delta end of the river as the launch pad to Iraq, it uses its fertile fields of poverty for recruitment.
Sorry. The hypocrisy in all this when the shoe is on the other foot makes me see red. Flaming red.

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Poet (not verified) | October 23, 2007 - 8:59pm

At the risk of pointing out the obvious, let me point out the obvious. San Diego is a mostly Caucasian, affluent, conservative home for the military industrial complex out West. In addition to being where the Marines train all recruits west of the Mississippi, Dego has quite a naval presence and hence lots of military retirees. Much of the rest of S. Cal (Orange County especially) is also Bush ciountry.

The White House noise machine was quick to point out that they have potentially 17,000 National Guardsmen who can be deployed, they are just waiting for the winds to let up in order to make such deployment useful in combating the fires. It was also announced on NPR that El Presidente was going to send the Dickster to fill in at a fund raising event in St. Louis so he could personally visit and console the victims of the tragedy.

I guess that beats the Air Force 1 flyover which is about all that the people of New Orleans and the rest of southern Louisiana and Mississippi got. Oh and Mikey Chertoff is out there (presumably doing a "heckuva job" as he lets his gut be his guide) for some on-the-job training in disaster relief coordination.

This is great because even if they do everything "right", it still doesn't erase the mess still left in Louisiana and Mississippi where they did everything "wrong"--it just accentuates who gets which kind of attention.

Naomi Klein's new book, "The Shock Doctrine, The Rise of Disaster Capitalism", makes a very compelling case that what happened and is still happening in New Orleans was no accident of ineptitude.


Anonymous (not verified) | October 26, 2007 - 5:13pm

Many of us in Topanga and other fire-prone communities have been lobbying for fire-fighting aircraft for many years now. The Forest Service (under Bush) has not risen to the occasion, or met its responsibilities. We know that! The day before fire broke out the DC 10 fire bomber was told to "stand down" then was called back a few hours later and told not to stand down--but by then it was too late to fight the fires on Sunday when they broke out. Hardly any of the fire prevention goals outlined by Gov. Schwartzenegger's "blue ribbon panel" after the last firestorm in '03 were followed up. Republican anti-tax maniacs in San Diego voted down a proposition (after the '03 firestorm) that would have financed firefighting helicopters for their fire dept.
Whewww...Wait for the mudslides!! The Republican regime dragged its feet after the '03 firestorm in declaring an Emergancy Watershed Protection Program.
Even though there was a pretty dry rainy season (thank Goddess) that year, one rain cell stalled above one location in the San Bernadino Mountains on Christmas Eve'03 and many lives were lost--we have the same situation now but if we have even a normal rainy season the loss of life will be huge.