Rove's out, kinda, sorta

August 13, 2007 by barbara

barbara writes

Okay, I wasn't going to write about this. Everyone else is all over it. But just in case you’re living in a cave near Tora Bora and have missed the news, Turdblossom is history. Maybe.

Karl Christian Rove announced at a joint presser with the Current Occupant that he tendered his resignation today. Actually, that was the first inaccuracy, since it has been noted he resigned last Friday. Monday, Friday, whatever. BushCo isn't much with details.

I watched a tape of the “emotion-charged” presser. I use quotation marks because I’m not completely convinced the emotion was real. I figure any man who can dream up phony reasons for starting an immoral war is capable of going verklempt on cue. Read some more stuff.

Some folks thought there was a palpable sense of something gone wrong throughout the presser. I dunno. I thought George was just . . . George. And Rove was doing the verklempt thing, for whatever reason.

In any case, Rove said he has loved his job, will miss it immensely, deeply values Junior, wants to spend more time with his family and . . . wait! Hold it, right there.

It’s the old “spend more time with family” meme. Which in Rove’s case is particularly odd since his only offspring is leaving for college in a few weeks. Right about the time Rove’s resignation takes hold. Resignation with plus/minus 18 days’ notice. Hmmm. Is there something wrong with this picture?

I’ve been absorbing wisdom from assorted sources all day—mostly via Firedoglake, a few other snarky blogs, with occasional passes by the flaccid MSM. Theories abound. Tinfoil hats are flying.

Some say Rove is simply off to feather his own nest before any further association with BushCo completely queers that possibility.

Others think he’s going to show up on the D.C. Madame’s list. I do remember a piece somewhere a week or more ago quoting smarmy Larry Flynt as saying his investigation into all of that had revealed Someone Very Big and quite surprising.

Still others believe/hope that the Dems have had a breakthrough and are breathing down Turdblossom’s neck. If only! Some suspect there’s been a break in the ranks. That someone – Rove's former assistant, Susan Ralston, has been mentioned – is ready to blow/has already blown the whistle.

Another school of thought holds that this resignation is Cheney’s doing. That Rove may have been pushing back about launching war on Iran, and that Darth said he had to go. Could be. I have always believed that Cheney is the heart of BushCo darkness. Many folks were surprised they didn’t find Cheney’s fingerprints in puppet Bush’s colon during the fabled colonoscopy.

It’s odd to find oneself looking at Rove as anything even vaguely like a voice of reason. If it proves true, that leaves Condi as the only possible moderate, Darth has stomped all over her. She’ll be toast, too. And even though he's toasted himself, I keep hoping that Colin Powell will come front and center and blow the lid of the whole works.

Then there’s been discussion about the timing of this resignation thing. Why Monday when Fridays are BushCo’s traditional day for burying bad news? And didn’t Little George just come from Poppy’s compound over the weekend? What was that all about in relation to this development? Remember that Poppy fired Rove himself in the day, so apparently he has had his own reservations about Boy Genius.

And wasn’t Junior supposed to go directly to Crawford from Kennebunkport? So why the sudden detour to D.C. to hold the presser with Rove?

I’ll tell ya, there is enough material here to wind around the Equator. Several times.

More later.

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paul miller (not verified) | August 13, 2007 - 6:50pm

we'll miss the modern day Goebbels - NOT


barbara aka babs (not verified) | August 13, 2007 - 8:27pm

I read somewhere today that one of the greatest failures of BushCo is that they never learned to move (or at least, never moved) from campaigning to governing. I've had such a strong sense all along that everything BushCo is about taking care of bidness, as Molly Ivins used to say. She would be such a clear, candid, butt-kicker through all of this. Amazing how much has gone to hell in the short time since she died. Now our most literate Texans are Laura and Jenna Bush, who are going to collaborate on a children's book.

Which reminds me . . . I just finished the second book in the "His Dark Materials" trilogy by Phillip Pullman (the first book is "The Golden Compass," due to hit theaters in December). Written in the late 1990s, the book is eerily prescient about a ruthless society ruled by the church and having no use for children, among other things. The theocons are going to go ballistic. Booyah!


paul miller (not verified) | August 13, 2007 - 10:25pm

maybe Babara WaWa can do a follow up on her most interesting man of 2004 - sort of a down home with Turdblossom after the Bush years


perhansa (not verified) | August 14, 2007 - 10:52am

Joshua Green's article in the latest Atlantic was prescient and timely and a pretty thorough analysis of the failed "Rove Presidency". It reads like a modern morality tale--too bad the moral majority will miss the moral of the story. Hate breeds hate; divisiveness breeds opposition; self-aggrandizing hubris leads to a big thud when the "boy Genius" hit the ground. Congress shouldn't let up on him now--he's no longer under executive priviledge...

I was teaching a leadership class in Califirnia a couple years ago for a client and used Rove as an example of power by association. Several people in the class audibly groaned at the mention of his name. During the break a woman in the session came up to inform me that Karl Rove was her children's uncle (I never made the connection that her last name was Rove). She was no longer part of the Rove family but he was still "uncle Karl" to her kids. She seemed to think he was a nice man, at least to her children. Maybe he does have a heart, just a very small one that doesn't match the enormous size of his ego, idealism, and hubris. He is someone's son, and now we find out someone's Dad...

Nonetheless, the sound of the big thud was a pleasure to hear. Let's hope the MSM does a decent job of putting his and W's failures in the light of day and the lame duck becomes a dead duck.

By the way, according to W and the military brass the Iraq war has turned a corner--look for a positive review from Petraeus with a request for more time (we won't be leaving anytime in 2008). You don't him saying the military alone can't solve the problems in Iraq anymore...

Never mind the Iraq Gov't isn't even close to meeting it's benchmarks, the one's that really mean something for Iraq's future, and Oxfam says Iraq is a humanitarian disaster.


barbara aka babs (not verified) | August 14, 2007 - 11:28am

It would be interesting to document how many corners we've turned. I wonder how many corners there are on a thousand-sided block.

David made a passing comment yesterday about my hating Bush and Rove and their cronies. That actually made me stop to ponder, yet again, whether it really is about hatred.

I don't think so. At least, not hatred for the individuals. God knows I hate what they're doing/have done/will do. But I only know George and Karl and Dick and Gonzo and, and, and by reputation. Never met any of them. Not likely to, btw.

Surely each of them has a human side, don't you think? Uncle George, Uncle Karl, that kind of thing. (Okay, I'm not so sure about Uncle Dick.) I guess it's the faint hope of the truth of that that keeps me plugging away. Because if I ever let myself fully embrace the notion that these are purely evil individuals, motivated only and always by evil, I think I'd lay me doon and dee. Or something.

Wonder what it'll be like for Rove's kid in college. The name is fraught with baggage. D'ya think Karl will show up for parents' day or equivalent? D'ya think his kid wants him there?



susan | August 14, 2007 - 1:41pm

Was it in Bush's Brain, or somewhere else that I saw, or heard, or read, that Rove's biological dad checked out on him very early, and later his step-father adopted him. I haven't verified this, and with my memory in free-fall that's a critical step, but I think the step-father later came out as gay, left his mom, but stayed on good terms with Karl, and Karl always deeply appreciated him for raising his family
During one of the Bush campaigns, Karl's step-father was critically ill and dying, (of AIDS? Not sure.) and Karl quietly went to CA or wherever he lived and tended to him until his death, then went back to the campaign -- and helped fashion the homo-phobic messages that the "base" needed to hear.
So that's sort of sums up the kind of guy he is. Someone's devoted stepson, (uncle, brother) who is decent at some human level, but can then put all of that aside for the political score.
In Dubya's race against Ann Richards for governor, Rove started "rumors" that Ann had secretly filled her cabinet with gays. Ann was very proud of appointing openly gay people to high level positions, there was no secrecy about it. But the Bushies couldn't easily go after her for that without appearing to be brazen bigots. So by starting a rumor campaign that she was doing it in secret, they were able to turn one of her accomplishments into something sinister, and by making it a rumor campaign, something she couldn't address head on.
So I say that's evil. I'd have more forgiveness for someone who really doesn't have any first hand experience with gay people and is just acting out of fear and ignorance. Karl knew better, but lacked the compassion, courage and ethical compass to do the right thing.
I wonder where his newly-emerged son is going to school? Don't they fear for him in that great sea of liberal-bias academe? How would you grade a paper written by someone named Karl Rove Jr.? Well, fairly, of course, but not without some soul-searching along the lines of, "Why me god?"


perhansa (not verified) | August 14, 2007 - 3:06pm

It seems whatever fault or deficiency this group has or evil they're about to commit they come up with a phrase to disguise it but the the lackng component is always buried in the phrase: --"compassionate conservativism" from those lacking compassion, Clear Skies Intitiatve for those polluting the skies, Operation Iraqi Freedom to suppress our freedoms in the US, Vlaues party for those with ammoral values. I guess we need to pay closer attention to the smartass pharses they cook up. Now that Bush's brain is gone who'll make up the smarmy catch phrases?


barbara aka babs (not verified) | August 14, 2007 - 5:37pm

Couple of things. David watched the news last night, and Rove was a kind of "oh by the way" story toward the end. Bear in mind this is the local news, which is very, oh, local, I've been told. (Remember, I stopped watching TV some 15 years ago.)

Second, I actually sat down with that which passes for a newspaper in Minneapolis this morning, and Rove was below the fold, clear at the bottom, beneath stories about China's toxic toy problem, next to a snippet about the asymmetrical nature of Abraham Lincoln's face, and also beneath a feature story about the frenetic scurrying to throw up a bridge over the Mississippi.

Big tussle over that one. Call me a skeptic (YOU ARE A SKEPTIC!), but I sense an overlay of political desperation on Pawlenty's part to get that bridge up and running ASAP to illustrate his magnificent governance in the face of: (a) his own political aspirations; and (b) see "a", and add to that the Republican Convention playing in his back yard next summer.

Yet another story above the Rove resignation in today's Strib outlined the sterling background of one J. Richard Capka, the fed official in charge of rebuilding the bridge. Seems he was let go by the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, an offshoot of his leadership there related to the Big Dig in Boston.

Wouldn't you think this would be an extremely carefully thought-out project under the leadership of the best of the best??

Okay. I just moved Rove to the bottom of my personal fold, didn't I? Fame is fleeting.


susan | August 14, 2007 - 6:02pm

More on the bridge. (Karl is so -- yesterday.) The Strib article about how the rebuild is unfolding made it clear that Timmy wants that bridge up FAST. We can all imagine that is in part because it is a critical city artery, but also, as Barbara aka Babs muses, so that no signs of disarray, death or dysfunction remain for the entire Republican Party to view next summer -- a monument to the shame of their no-tax, gubmint-be-damned way of thinking.
At the same time as Timmy is rushing things along, Mayor Rybak is looking at the bigger picture, saying he could "stomach" a few extra months of congestion if it means getting the new bridge right. Right could include providing for future light rail access, and other amenities. Haste makes waste, as the aphorism goes, so let's back the mayor on this one.
Go to the MnDOT website and comment on the bridge design. Five lanes that funnel into three? No light rail? It's the vision thing; we have to do it for them.


barbara aka babs (not verified) | August 14, 2007 - 7:45pm

Okey dokey, then. I went to the MNDOT site. Expanded and expanded the wee map to try to understand what's being proposed for the new faster-than-a-speeding-bullet bridge building project. And when I clicked on the leave a comment link, I got this message:

We're sorry! The page you were trying to view may be an outdated link or the page address may have been typed incorrectly. If you reached this page from another part of the Minnesota Department of Transportation Internet site, please let us know so we can fix the problem.

Would it be unkind to say I have very little faith in MNDOT and the Gov? Just askin'.


susan | August 14, 2007 - 9:39pm

Not to add to your personal paranoia, Barb, but it worked for me. As for understanding from their wee map what it's going to be, that didn't work for me. The more telling stories are in the Strib.

And then there's this note from a former member of the Hennepin County Board:

Hooray for Mayor Rybak and his staff for taking a firm position on this issue. Ancient history, but when we (H.C. Board) built the Hennepin Av. Bridge 18 years ago, we built it to accommodate LRT and other transit alternatives, because we KNEW there would be an eventual appetite for transit throughout the metro area. The incremental cost was minimal and it didn’t delay the construction of that project. Keep the pressure on the state and let’s try to back the Mayor on this effort.

That said, pragmatic urban planners say we're barking up the wrong tree. Federal dollars are there simply to replace what we lost, and quickly, not to add bike lanes or light rail capability -- even though this plan expands the bridge to ten lanes and almost doubles its width from 100 ft. to 180 ft.

So if they can ponder a lateral expansion, why not a functional expansion? As Barb would say, Just askin'.