A River Runs Through It

August 02, 2007 by susan
fallen bridge

Ah, we'll get a kiss from Laura and a promise to rebuild from George. Very interesting to see if he keeps his promises of rebuilding to the light skinned folks at the top of the river better than he has to the dark skinned ones at the bottom. More.

I'm in a muddle, ready to erupt to rage if the inspections story continues to go the way it is. The Feds inspect, but the state is responsible for corrective action? Okay, I clearly don't get this, but if that's the case, yes, let's hear it for Gov. Pa-lenty-of-nothing's veto of the highway bill and his smug refusal to face up to any tax hike, even on the top half-percent of the wealthiest MN residents.

In any case, I just read that over 25% of our nation's bridges have ratings of 4 on a scale of 0-9, (9 being the goal) which is the rating the I-35 bridge had. And remember those power grids that went down some years ago, a result of overloading and neglect? How about the steam pipe that blew up in NYC a few weeks back? Shall we talk about the levees? Who needs another terrorist attack when we can just collapse on our own?

President Eisenhower built the Interstate highway system roughly 60 years ago for our national security, among other things, and he paid for it with a small new gas tax. What has happened to modern day Republicans who see the hand of the devil in anything ending in x, be it sex or tax? The Bush/Pawlenty crowd smugly congratulates itself for not raising taxes, while pushing the burden onto the cities (which them must raise property taxes to provide basic services) or in the case of Bushco, dumps it all off onto future generations. As a child supporter of Adlai Stevenson, I never thought I'd hear myself saying, "I like Ike." But he was a pay-as-you-go grown-up Republican, not a smirking monkey boy in a suit who simply does not have a clue.

During the Katrina aftermath a piece went around on the web about how pathetic it was that the citizens of New Orleans couldn't handle their own disaster the way the citizens of the nothern plains do after a blizzard. The implication was that we're superior stock, not like the lazy beignet-butted hand-out prone poor folks of New Orleans. You could call that a racist sort of thing, or just an up-river/down-river sort of thing.

So I found this comment on MSNBC, from a tow-truck driver hired to pull away the crushed cars, interesting.
"It's a complete disaster and I think the National Guard needs to be called in for the bridge removal and all the vehicles in the drink. We have good hardworking people here but everyone is so upset and crying, even the fire rescue and mayor's people and police officers."

Yep, that's sort of how it goes. Drown the gubmint, until it's your own folks who are drowning.

As for the National Guard, they're, um, otherwise occupied.

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