Breaking. . . Seizures, from Sea to Shining Sea

July 31, 2007 by susan
Ted Stevens

Chief Justice Roberts has been taken to a hospital after falling on the dock of his summer home in Maine. It's been confirmed that the fall was a result of a seizure. Roberts also had an unexplained seizure in 1993. We wish him well, of course, but this could be . . . interesting.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department is having seizures of another sort in Alaska, ordering FBI and IRS agents to raid the home of Republican Sen. Ted Stevens. Stevens, the 7-term boil on the butt of the Senate -- and the competition for that honor has been stiff -- is under investigation for his relationship with a (suprise!) wealthy contractor. Maybe the bridge to nowhere has a pot of gold at the end afterall.

The C-Line likes to think of itself as more reflective of the news than cutting edge, sort of the slow food of blogs. But sometimes fast food is just too hard to pass up. So have at it.

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For more on the class act that is Sen. Stevens, check out Firedoglake's post on what he had to say about "the internets" back in 2006, when he was Chairman of the Commerce Committee, and in charge of bills that would regulate the internet. And then enjoy a frisson of pleasure recalling that the elections of 2006 really did do some good, because Stevens ain't calling the shots when it comes to the internets anymore.

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ed, aka frosty (not verified) | August 5, 2007 - 2:06pm

susan - i dated senator steven's daughter beth just after the airplane crash that killed her mother. small world, eh? her mom's family summers in little compton. i am sure that you recall her dad's tribute to paul wellstone:

Sen. Stevens honors Paul Wellstone, By TIMOTHY INKLEBARGER, THE JUNEAU EMPIRE

Sen. Paul Wellstone's death evoked difficult memories for Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens, whose wife died in a plane crash in Anchorage in 1978.

Congress reconvened for its lame-duck session on Tuesday with speeches from Stevens and other Senate colleagues of Wellstone. The Democratic Minnesota senator died Oct. 25 in a plane crash near Eveleth, Minn., with his wife Sheila and daughter Marcia. Three campaign staff members and two pilots also perished.

"When I learned that the senator's plane had gone down in Minnesota, it was difficult to convey my thoughts," Stevens said on the Senate floor on Tuesday. "I recalled the day in 1978 when the plane carrying my wife Ann and myself crashed at the Anchorage Airport. The time that followed was a difficult one for our family.

"The death of a colleague, loved one, or friend is never easy, but to lose that person in an accident is often worse because you don't always get the chance to say goodbye."

Stevens, an Alaska Republican, also recalled the death of Alaska Congressman Nick Begich, whose plane was lost over Alaska in 1972.

While acknowledging he did not see eye to eye with Wellstone on many issues, Stevens added he "respected Paul for fighting for what he believed in, and for his personal toughness that never let physical problems slow him down."

Stevens voiced his admiration for Wellstone's advocacy of mental and physical health parity and his wife Sheila's efforts on behalf of domestic abuse victims.

"Grief is a process that helps heal the heart," Stevens said. "We will always miss Paul, but we can honor his memory by keeping after our business, testing our ideas on the campaign trail and on the Senate floor. Paul would have wanted it that way."

in any event, looks like the old man has some 'splainin' to do...