Grand Obstructionist Party

July 18, 2007 by susan
Harry Reid on Senate floor

No surprise that Firedoglake has the best coverage of the showdown in the senate, and they're quoting Bob Geiger among others for their info.
The Dems did not have the votes to force an up or down vote on planning for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, but Harry Reid moved on to part 2. Thanks Harry, now we're kicking it. More.

From FDL: "What Reid did was pull the Defense Authorization bill from the floor in its entirety. Because the budget items do not go into effect for the DoD until October for this particular appropriation, there is no question of this keeping money from the troops — and any Republican who says so is lying — let me just get that out there up front.

This is a pretty in-your-face procedural move from Reid — who gave the GOP leadership an opportunity to vote on all of the amendments up or down and, when they refused, Reid left the Grand Obstruction Party to stew in its own obstructionist failure. He’s left no cover for them or for the Bush Administration for continued stall and obstruct maneuvers on this — instead, the onus is on them to explain why their actions are focused on protecting the President’s flank, rather than on standing up for American soldiers and against more failed policies.

And so Reid is moving on to Homeland Security appropriations.

If the Republicans obstruct on that, too, then it will be a good thing they have the cots in the Capitol already…"

Go to FDL and get the latest. And scroll down to their short-take on "man-slut" Sen. Vitter while you're at it. Then make the phone calls they recommend. Keep the heat on and the coffee brewing.

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Anonymous (not verified) | July 18, 2007 - 4:16pm

Mr Reid has a very short time remaining in the leadership position.

There is a buzz.