Peace Train's Coming -- slowly

July 15, 2007 by susan
Happy kids in Vietnam

Sunday morning, time for a message of hope. Hmmmm. Maliki says US can go home any old time, they don't need us. I haven't read the whole story, but what's George say to that?

But this morning I decided to run a short email from my great niece KK. Great, as in my nephew's daughter, but also just great. She's in high school, and on some sort of exchange program to Vietnam. So, a "mere" 40+ years after the lies, bombs, and roughly 60,000 American deaths and an estimated 2 million Vietnamese deaths, young Americans are experiencing a very different sort of tour of duy in Vietnam.

Let's extract ourselves from Mess o' Potamia, and hope it doesn't take 40 years to heal the wounds. Read on for KK's short note.

KK writes on a Vietnamese keyboard, so she is brief and to the point. (I tidied up the character glitches.)

"We are now in our small village for the first full day. The other day we went to a huge outdoor resturaunt with tarps over it that had lots of different kinds of meats that you could cook on a small fire that they put on your table. I ate snake and "beef penis". Today we rode to see the three different houses that we are working on. We rode around on bikes and eveyrone came out of their houses to wave and smile at us. This morning we had a meeting with town leaders who gave speeches and thanked us for coming. The children all run after us trying to high five us on our bikes and yell 'hello' while laughing. It is so so so so so so hot. We were dripping with sweat at like 8 in the morning. The people who live here of course are in long sleeves and long pants and are totally fine."

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perhansa (not verified) | July 15, 2007 - 8:24pm

I read the link on from Bill Moyers discussion with Bruce Fein and John Nichols. This would be front page journalism if we still had a real media at work in an active democracy. If you haven't read it, DO.

This is a clarion call for saving the constitution and the republic; a mandate for impeachment.